Daodu Yingtan | Many scenic spots free shopping and play during the Spring Festival

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For yingtan city residents and in the Chinese and foreign friends work, study them warm New Year’s day, feel the winter wonderland of yingtan, experience the yingtan cuisine, fine beauty lodge and Spring Festival culture, yingtan, brigade push “jia swim, jiangxi yingtan”, “jiangxi people swim yingtan, comprehensively strengthen cultural tourism promotion, singing” dragon world unique “brand.Yingtan Culture travel to the people, do excellent service, for everyone to win many New Year’s welfare, to the New Year everyone brought a wide range of cultural activities.From January 23, 2022 to February, 2022, all kinds of festive flowers are popular among the general public. Tulips are blooming in Old Ici Transferring Street, and the market sales are in short supply.The first Tulip Festival will bring you the first “tulip” of the New Year, the New Year flower appreciation exhibition, see flower art sketches, shopping district merchants, and receive the good luck of 2022.A total of 200,000 tulips will be planted in tongpaifang, Zitong Street, Tianfu Academy, Xianya Paifang, Xianya Square and other areas to form a variety of tulip fields and flower carpets, bringing tourists a peaceful and beautiful New Year’s Festival.White Crane Lake rural Tourism villa 19 kilometers from yingtan urban area white Crane Lake blue ripples, white heron whirling.As early as 2004, it was awarded the “National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot”, and its good ecology attracts a large number of birds to settle here.It is reported that starting from January 31, 2022, the annual membership fee is only 100 yuan per person.Nowadays, with the construction of beautiful rural demonstration belt by the bank of Baihe Lake, and the projects of “thousands of acres of flower sea” and “Rural Tourism Villa” have been landed in baihe Lake modern agriculture demonstration area, there is a New Year’s weather here when the Spring Festival is coming.During the Spring Festival, in The cultural Center of Yujiang District, which has been adopted as an intangible cultural heritage scenic spot — Ling Xi Town, the performance team of the Red Artistic light Cavalry of Wu Guangming Cultural Station has introduced the rickshaw Boat, Clam shell Lamp, le Lamp and dragon Lantern.To transferring to Transferring old street, winter flowers and fruits fragrance, thick New Year flavor, white crane Lake rural tourism villa, winter thick New Year flavor, buy forest natural food, enjoy the beauty of white Crane Lake, Lingxi town – Yujiang District cultural center intangible heritage into the scenic spot, feel the intangible heritage culture, the year of the tiger to welcome the New Year.By Wang Jian, Jiangxi correspondent of China Daily