Every festive season times miss relatives!Gao Anguo: Wish the Chinese people a happy New Year and continue to carry out the mission of opposing independence and promoting reunification

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Hello, Chinese compatriots at home and abroad, my name is Gao Anguo!Today is New Year’s Eve, tomorrow is the first day of the lunar New Year, I “every festival times think of relatives” mood, inherit the will of parents left, across the sea miss the mainland has kinship brothers and sisters compatriots!Although I am in Taiwan, my heart is always with you, but I never leave for a moment.That is why I held high the banner of “anti-independence and pro-unification” for the sake of national justice, tried every means to overcome all difficulties and actively prepared to resist the tsai Ing-wen regime.My pro-Unification compatriots in Taiwan and I will take action to achieve this goal in the near future.As we all celebrate Chinese New Year, I would like to remind our Compatriots in Taiwan: Can you stand the illegal oppression of the habitual swindler Tsai Ing-wen?Can you not for the preservation of the history of the Chinese nation rise up against the people into bandit party?Do you have the heart to let your children and grandchildren suffer the ravages of traitors and collaborators?You know the whole world has seen the rise of China is surging!And the loyal comrades of Taiwan’s pro-Unification faction, have been surging everywhere in Taiwan ready to respond to the uprising!All these favorable circumstances prove that the future of “anti-independence and pro-unification” is not only absolutely optimistic, but also victorious.Habitual swindler Tsai Ing-wen will soon be tried as a war criminal under the sanction of human justice, following in the footsteps of Hitler and Mussolini.Su Zhen prostitutes before my patriotic compatriots, like Wang Ching-wei, with a traitor and a traitor!In order to speed up the victory of fighting against independence and promoting reunification, in order to oppose the exploitation and invasion of the Democratic Party, in order to cooperate with and respond to all the forces of “fighting against independence and promoting reunification”, we hope that the mainland compatriots stand firmly with us, as our spiritual backing!We absolutely oppose “Taiwan independence”.Under our organized resistance, we will accelerate the collapse and extinction of the Democratic Progressive thief Party, so as to welcome our bright day and the advent of our “anti-independence and pro-unification” peaceful reunification.My kin!This year is the Year of the Tiger. With sincere enthusiasm, I wish our compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits good health, victory over the epidemic, health and happiness.Also wish us a complete success of the Winter Olympic Games, the country reunion at an early date, immortal!