LOL officially announced that it will hold MSI in South Korea, which is growing by 300,000 a day

2022-07-14 0 By

I don’t know if you guys have heard, because of the drastic changes in the situation in Shanghai and other places, yesterday LPL made a temporary decision to postpone the spring competition, the competition originally scheduled between April 1 and April 7 was postponed for one week, and the online competition was prepared to continue from April 8. This decision has been supported by many water fans.After all, it’s a dangerous time to have problems everywhere. It’s bad to have physical problems in just a few games, but Fist doesn’t seem to care. Fist has just announced that it will hold the MSI in Busan, South Korea, offline!LPL water friends heard straight call “Busan trip”.For South Korea’s policy has focused on over there brothers know that South Korea for this disease is not attention, many Korean media even compared to its more popular “a cold”, so the south Korean side of the attitude is top-down lax, which is why at the beginning of the spring game in South Korea, some teams had no regular play.With our completely different treatment of nature also has completely different results, South Korea 29 day increase is 300 thousand cases, 300 thousand cases ah brothers, South Korea directly against India, so the fist put MSI in South Korea’s news just let countless water friends shocked.Fist official announced today, decided to hold this year in busan with MSI event, fist praised busan is the south Korean capital of culture, is also worthy of the name South Korea e-sports city, here has the strong culture of e-sports, countless reference e-sports culture with busan as template, and busan this city has hosted a number of very successful tournament,Therefore, the traffic and the number of spectators can be guaranteed, which is why The fist has entrusted the task of hosting MSI to Busan, South Korea, and expects busan to work with them to give esports fans a perfect answer.After the news out of both China and South Korea have fryer, Korea net there are, of course, is really looking forward to, at this level of tournament can bring local means hundreds of millions of profits, these benefits will directly affect the residents’ income, also can let to busan on international reputation, but water LPL friends not calm,This is not to say that LPL’s water friends are jealous of Busan, but simply do not understand.After all, the Korean side has become such a serious situation, fist insisted on such an important match in Busan, but also offline match, tens of thousands of audience support, this is not at the player’s health at the risk of it?So many friends say the MSI LPL water is the “busan”, there are many water friend joke whether South Korea can’t afford to lose, know we can’t get such a big risk, so we division is likely not to compete to make the team, South Korea can therefore despite the biggest opponent, then took out the MSI trophy.Of course, this is just a conspiracy theory, it is very likely that foreign countries do not pay much attention to the disease, the official estimates that this epidemic is just an insignificant cold, their own country does not have a particularly strict policy, so naturally come and go.However, we all know that although the fatality rate of this disease is not high, it still exists, so it is absolutely impossible to risk our lives. Therefore, it is not clear whether we will go to MSI this time. What do you think about it?