Life of a mortal monk: how did the monk rise to the demon world?

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Preface the so-called xiuxian, in fact, is from the low-level interface to the advanced interface, and eventually run to the true fairy world and even advanced tao zu, become the true fairy world one overlord, which is also the core of mortal xiuxian biography, then the problem comes, how to from the lowest interface of the human world to the medium spirit world?The first is the advanced deification, which is the most common way of ascending. Monks can directly ascend to the spiritual realm when they reach the period and late period of deification in their own cultivation and attract the spirit of heaven and earth. The ancient monks such as Ice spirit fairy, Qing Yuan Zi and Kunwu Sanlao all ascend to the spiritual realm through this way.It is a pity that in ancient times, the human circle encountered the ancient demon invasion, although there is a spiritual circle of monks to help, but the outbreak of the two sides of a great war, the balance of heaven and earth vitality of the human circle was disrupted, reiki for chaos and thin, after the change of god period of monks can not fly through such a way.Then there is the second approach, looking for space node into the spirit world, found in the form of a stable space node is a difficult thing, to the god of rite, and call the old magic monks for hundreds of years still no stable space node, until silvermoon before returning to the spirit world leave a space node information, to make this a batch of god brother find stable space node,Trying to sneak into the spirit world.But also can appear inside the space node space storms, even change level godsworn into run, the original mr.han with ice chicken into space then encountered a storm, Korea’s old magic spirit lost eight feet spi, finally came to the spirit world, then the nangongshan wan space node is encountered when crossing two true spirit of struggle, directly affected by battle,Finally came to xiao Ling Tian.And the third is the science of uniting the rebirth of Yin and Yang, this is a strange arcane, can be said to be the person ghost or repair, and to make up into a half man and half ghost, after loss of cycle may at the same time, the original yuan yao with gold is in the fog of uniting the ghost this a secret, it took two thousand three hundred years to break god realm, and the result was a huge evil wind swept away,When two people wake up, they have come to the realm of flying spirits near the territory, with the four fit demon king in the earth yuan practice, later rescued by Han Li, was finally mahayana monk Green Yuan son accepted as a disciple.But the conditions of Yin and Yang reincarnation practice is very harsh, have to be in the place of the rich Yin Meiji gas practice, and is the art of ghost repair, one only yuan baby soul, one is a human monk, so as to be able to practice this set of secret method.Fourth is magic gas initiation, yuan original brake is to use the bodhi old zu recruit to woo leaves home of big brother, and then the purple spirit soaring success in this way, ma had purple spirit in an ancient altar contacted the hexapole SAN ma face, under the the underworld bosses persuasion, purple spirit for the gas filling body, a switch to the magic way achievement method, it was not long before the results into the order of god,And then he ascended to the underworld.Six pole, of course, also have their own considerations, for the purple spirit is Cha female female body, the science of uniting the magic work have twice the result with half the effort, so six very want to put the purple spirit as his seventh alternate embodiment, the purple spirit weigh repeatedly decided to accept the hexapole requirements, and the science of uniting the refined virtual fit soon, later will be able to see yourself in the underworld is more Korea old magic, sacrifice is worth it.Ok, if that is several methods of upper and lower bounds of the soaring, and normal is advanced to the gods, then automatically into the spirit world, then there is the spiritual world of uniting to cross a time period, to rise to true celestial beings, but because of the thin if mr.han’s aura, just need to find another method to implement it rises, it is really hard for you, also is should cultivate immortality is playing god.