Linyi city built “hope hut” 3000!Benefiting 3,058 children in need, the construction of 4,000 huts was completed within the year

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Langya News Recently, with the completion of “Hope Hut” of Yuze School in Lanshan District, Linyi city, 3000 “Hope hut” have been built in the city!We are one step closer to our goal of building 4000 huts in three years.Up to now, under the joint efforts of the Communist Youth League Linyi Municipal Party Committee and the league committees of various counties and districts, the city has raised more than 42 million yuan online and offline, built 3,000 cabins, benefiting 3,058 children in distress, and will complete the construction task of 4,000 cabins within the year.Since 2022, youth league cadres at all levels in The city have led young volunteers to carry out precise tracking and field visits to more than 2,000 poor families living in 3,990 villages of 156 townships in 13 counties and districts of the city, focusing on adolescents from families with disabilities, adolescents with disabilities, orphans, children in difficulties and children living on subsistence allowances.A total of more than 1100 households were selected to meet the construction conditions, and elaborate planning and design were carried out.Pku comrade in charge is responsible for working with each county youth corps committee, in accordance with the city’s hope cabin advance will meeting requirements of “going out”, the first time the comprehensive docking state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, representatives and entrepreneur, the key breakthrough business association, actively promote “hut” child care programs, has raised love collective and individual donation of 2.258 million yuan.In order to create a good social atmosphere for everyone to care about the growth of children in difficulties and jointly participate in the construction of “Hope Hut”, the Communist Youth League Committee actively strives for TV programs, indoor and outdoor advertising large screen, light show, live broadcast and other advertising resources to carry out a new round of publicity in our city.In order to ensure that the children live in both safe and warm cabin, the Communist Youth League municipal Committee established by full-time cadres of the communist Youth League, members of the provincial and municipal youth federation, youth volunteer representatives of the “hope cabin” work supervision group.The supervision group will conduct field visits to households to have an in-depth understanding of the construction of huts and the development of pair volunteer services, establish and improve the normal management mechanism, and serve children in difficulties more firmly.At present, the bidding for “Hope Hut” books has been completed, and the books will be sent to 3,000 children in the near future.In the next step, on the basis of the previous work, the Youth League committee will continue to take the construction of “Hope Hut” as a good start for the practice of “I do practical things for Teenagers”, comprehensively promote the healthy growth of children in difficulties, and help them to realize the transformation from “hut rejuvenation” to “spirit rejuvenation”.Immediate newspaper rong media reporter Huan Hengxue correspondent Zhang Jianfeng statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: