Little red book starts the strictest governance

2022-07-14 0 By

From February 17, Xiaohongshu will cancel the certification of 216 private institutions, including medical beauty institutions, medical beauty platforms and medical beauty service providers, in batches.Recently little Red book launched a new round of “false grass” governance.This round of management takes medical beauty category as the key target of rectification. In the first batch, 279,000 illegal medical beauty notes have been disposed of, among which 142,000 medical beauty notes suspected of marketing diversion have been removed from shelves, including but not limited to all medical beauty marketing content involving illegal medical beauty projects, medical beauty institutions, plastic surgeons, medical beauty products and so on.Meanwhile, 168,000 illegal accounts were punished.It is reported that this is the strictest medical beauty special governance action in the history of Xiaohongshu. The first stage is mainly from two aspects: on the one hand, the professional certification of private medical beauty institutions will be cancelled, and the professional certification will only be open to the doctors of the medical beauty department of public grade A hospitals and Grade A hospitals;On the other hand, the medical beauty notes produced by ordinary users were checked back and cleared, and the contents and accounts suspected of marketing diversion and violation of medical beauty were removed from shelves, closed and downgraded.”Little Red book ‘false grass planting’ governance has been carried out in the fourth round, we hope to expand the scope of ‘false grass planting’ governance step by step, further strengthen the governance, governance means more and more sophisticated.In this round of medical beauty management, the first batch will focus on the content and account misleading to users, and strengthen the introduction of professional content. It is hoped that users can refer to the content of certified public hospitals and doctors as much as possible when searching for medical beauty content on the platform.””The special governance of Jimei will continue, and we also remind users that Jimei has risks. If you have any needs, you’d better go to a regular hospital for consultation. Once some false information has a negative impact on users, the consequences will be very serious.This is also the original intention of this round of medical beauty category ‘false grass planting’ special governance.”From banning “fake grass growing” demander brands and offline merchants, to suing “gay-writing” intermediary notification platforms and MCN institutions, xiaohongbook “fake grass growing” special governance scope covers the whole gray industry chain.Since December 16, 2021, Xiaohongshu has banned 81 brands and offline businesses suspected of “fake grass planting”, and dealt with 172,600 fake grass planting notes and 53,600 illegal accounts.At the same time, four notice platforms and MCN organizations suspected of engaging in “fake grass planting” and “gauthoring” were sued.In June 2021, the National Health Commission and other eight departments issued the Special Rectification Work Plan for Cracking down on Illegal Medical cosmetic Services. The medical beauty industry has entered a new round of strict rectification period.As an emerging industry, the development of medical beauty technology has solved the needs of many consumers, but at the same time, chaos occurs frequently, and many unqualified institutions and illegal projects quietly appear in the market.On January 14, 2022, the Supervision Institute of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission published ten typical cases of illegal medical beauty, involving unqualified medical beauty and illegal use of fake drugs.Joint in early January the little red book Chinese network ecological management “network” of society organization federation held symposium on industry, the little red book editor Shen Lian said, “fake grass” governance is a protracted war, there are many management difficulties, not by a single platform can completely overcome, but the little red book will insist for a long time to do it, continue to try and find a solution.