Looking for the next Moutai shares and Ningde era?Don’t roll!I’ll give you a sure way out

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Are you still searching for the next Maotai, or the next Ningde era, only to find nothing and be scarred?Don’t roll!Really, as retail investors, there are better, more comfortable, and more certain ways out.The old friends of a-share great change value office all know that the director is strongly optimistic about China’s capital market and firmly believes that A shares are on the road of A 10-year great bull market!Because in the last few years, a-shares have changed dramatically, becoming better, more regulated, more open, more attractive and more liquid to the Chinese people and global investors.As A matter of fact, the total market value of A-shares reached 92 trillion yuan at the end of 2021, and now the daily turnover of more than trillion yuan is the basic standard, which has exceeded the top of the bull market in 2015, when the highest value of A-shares was more than 50 trillion yuan.The scale of public offering and private offering is expanding rapidly. By the end of 2021, the scale of public offering has reached 25.3 trillion yuan, while that of private offering reached 19.7 trillion yuan.With the increasing size and influence of institutions, the investment requirements for professionalism are becoming stronger and stronger. Institutions have become super volume between each other, and the manpower and material resources in investment and research have been greatly upgraded, all kinds of predictions I make for you.As retail, weak, want to rely on their own investment achievements more difficult.Arguably, the vast majority of retail investors have only one way to go: join them if you can’t beat them.Beat but join this is also although the director is specialized in the study of excellent companies, but sometimes in the grasp of industry opportunities, will also allocate the reason for the relevant index fund, no way, the trend.In fact, the fight to join itself is not only suitable for retail investors, and even many institutional investors do so: small and medium-sized institutions copy big institutions, big institutions copy foreign operations, you copy me, I copy you, the result is A share in recent years the trend of investment characteristics more and more obvious.So for retail investors, copy foreign operations, is a strategy worth considering, in fact, for sound investors, copy foreign operations is a very effective strategy.Because foreign capital has a relatively low requirement on yield, it has a high requirement on the certainty of investment varieties and prefers to invest in business models that they can understand. They mainly choose super white horses and leaders in emerging industries.The varieties they choose outperform the market for A long time, and foreign capital largely controls the voice of A shares, which is easy to follow the trend, and the final long-term yield is very good, belonging to the “smart capital” in the market.In fact, a statistical analysis is obvious: as of September 30, 2021, NBI capital held a total of 2,283 stocks, accounting for 47.57% of the market value of only 50 index components, reflecting a high degree of conformity and representativeness with “smart capital”.How to copy the operation of foreign capital?In addition to focusing on foreign holdings, a better way is to invest in some high-quality index funds from international investment institutions, such as the current hot MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index.MSCI, known by its Chinese name Ming Sheng, is a world-renowned index producer whose indexes are among the most widely used in the global investment community.The MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index, compiled by MSCI, includes 50 large-cap stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. However, compared with the SSE 50 and CSI 300, its compilation is more scientific and can better reflect the positive changes of A shares in recent years.In terms of methodology, the MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index uses a-shares within the connectivity range rather than the whole market as A large sample range.First in 11 categories of industry, the selection of each industry’s biggest 2 stock, 11 industries including consumer, medical, industrial, financial, information technology, etc., this again after 22 industry leading from the rest of the stock selection according to the value of the maximum of 28 stocks, basically, the 50 stocks can be very fully reflects all aspects of China’s economy.Compared with the SSE 50, which is heavily weighted towards financial property, and the CSI 300, which is a bit too fragmented, the MSCI China A50 Connectivity index is more scientifically distributed across sectors.In fact, look at the top ten weighting stocks is more clear, take into account the value of investment, growth is very obvious.Index of this configuration thinking, decided that the index belongs to the typical into the varieties can attack retreat can defend, earnings expectations can meet the vast majority of investors, retracting pressure will be much smaller, for steady and radical style investors are very appropriate.Specific varieties, it is suggested to focus on tianhong MSCI China A50 connectivity index securities investment fund.Fund products to choose a large fund company is that although this kind of index fund is not bad, but it is also a test of the ability of fund companies to accurately track the index, in this respect, the large fund company has more advantages, and the products of large fund companies tend to plate bigger, style stability is stronger.Tianhong Fund as the current domestic big brother level of the fund company, in this aspect of natural advantage, especially in the index fund is a strong strength.In fact, through the observation of the past few years, it can be found that the index fund has been the focus of tianhong Fund development direction:Celestica fund together with ant gold suit, to become China’s largest index funds, especially to do China’s largest retail, featuring the rights and interests of index funds investment service provider, will be more service category of ordinary individual investors into index funds, index funds, for the underlying tools, carrying the rich cast service, resolve customer pain points.Since 2015 began strategic layout index funds business, launched in succession composed of ordinary index of otc products more than 20 branch celestica index fund series, covers the wide base, industry and subject index, the product is simple, easy to understand, the rate is low, become the rights and interests of individual investors to participate in the market, institutional investors ideal tool for asset allocation.By the end of September 2021, the total size of Tianhong Index Fund has exceeded 75.4 billion yuan, and the number of service users has exceeded 10 million, among which individual investors account for more than 99.99%, and the holder structure is relatively healthy.And the index of celestica fund enhancement strategy has done a good job, historical performance, tracking deviation lower case, have the ability to obtain more stable excess returns and more valuable is that the celestica index funds have been carry out the thinking of low rates, rates low in the industry, truly be at a disadvantage to investors.Chao Yang, fund manager of tianhong MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index Securities Investment Fund, is currently the head of index and quantitative investment department of Tianhong Fund. He has 11 years of experience in securities industry and 6 years of experience in index enhancement & quantitative fund management.As a result, the Tianhong MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index Securities Investment Fund may have an advantage over the industry in closely tracking the index and even generating earnings enhancement.If you care about investors who have a steady style but have requirements for growth, tianhong MSCI China A50 Connectivity Index securities investment fund is a very noteworthy variety. For investment, you can search “015038” egg roll fund or Alipay to buy.In fact, for the vast majority of retail investors, rather than struggling to pursue the next Maotai, it is better to join the institutions, choose some steady style and growth of the fund patient hold, the results may be much better.Risk tip: Index funds have tracking errors, please carefully read the fund contract, recruitment prospectus and other legal documents before buying, choose your own products.There are risks in the market investment need to be cautious.