Racehorse girl: offer an idea, three take autumn city first

2022-07-14 0 By

Author: NGA- Wind suitable crowd: 1. Do not want to train the runaway horse, do not want to bet on the bad horse.2. Bad horse can’t make 3 acceleration.With the advantages of three first: 1. Three first can ensure the opening rate of autumn city;2. Three guarantees that there will not be a situation of multiple escapes (actually Akagi is also very good in multiple escapes);3. Compete with each other to catch up with The Escaping horse group in the middle plate, and throw off the poor horse group;4. Able to take over the strong position of the sixth father of the poor horse;5. Tashon and Akagi can strangle the more powerful Condor (including their own);6. Take more luck first (not important);Disadvantages: 1. Three first in almost only Qiu Cheng can rush out, the remaining two first horses are partners;2. Very fond of the configuration of Autumn city, otherwise may meet other first Autumn city will play assist;3. All the first horses can not be too bad, otherwise the middle disk is poor horse group catch up with the basic GG;Finally: 1. This is just an idea of my own, which can be used as a primer, any different understanding of the game can be discussed in the comments section;2. The initial reason for this idea was that the leader became stronger after seeing the digital S-card. However, after the test, it was not necessary to sniper the leader when the speed was saved after the akagi final turn was opened.3. The size of Autumn city is really strong, and it will not be far left by the Fleeing horse group in the case of competition between the leading horses. At the same time, because the remaining two leading horses are partners, they can bring some escape speed;4. I do not guarantee the strength of this configuration, nor do I hope that everyone will adopt such an extreme configuration, but I just want to discuss with you based on the understanding of the game (disclaimer)