UAPM35 completed successfully!Another batch of college entrance examination volunteer planners will be exported

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Unconsciously, xiangyang Career UAPM35 College Entrance Examination volunteer planner certification training, so ushered in the moment of graduation.Yesterday evening, the last time we gathered in the cloud of the whole class, attended the xiangyang career UAPM35 period awards ceremony, we gave excellent performances in the course of teachers awarded honorary certificates, this time is to belong to all the teacher’s honor ~ you can stick to a course in the end, smooth completion, through the examination and to belong to our professional certificate authentication,For every teacher.Here, I would like to say once again to all the teachers: teacher, congratulations on your graduation!In the UAPM35 exam process, there is no lack of some very excellent “excellent students” teachers, silently got 90+ points or even full marks oh, is really a model for everyone to learn ah!UAPM35 final exam before the three a look back at the three weeks dribs and drabs are vividly remembered.Whenever arrived at this time, my heart is also feeling extremely.Not only feel happy for the teachers’ graduation, but also have a lot of reluctant, feeling that we are just familiar with each other.Because of fate, we met in the career of The Sun, together in the UAPM35 cloud course.Remember the “freshman registration” scene?We enthusiastically introduced ourselves in the group, hoping to find out who is my “fellow”, who is my “peer”?Who will be my “study partner”?Everyone’s positive self-introduction, let us see the original learning group is so magical, crouching tiger hidden dragon, unexpectedly there are so many excellent industry senior teachers ah!Because we have more understanding of each other, we also quickly get familiar with the group learning mode, so that we have a good sense of belonging and cohesion of learning, we are working hard for the same goal, no one dare not easily fall behind, because our excellent leader and deputy leader has been in front of everyone cheer!Group discussion learning atmosphere is very good!We used to study together simply but assidiously. We organized video conferences together, discussed cases and assignments together, and continued to share our learning experience and feelings.The three-week course is really full and full.Last night’s graduation ceremony was very impressive. All the teachers opened video cameras and sat face to face with each other, just like old friends who had not seen each other for a long time, sharing their feelings and harvest.I was deeply moved by the heartfelt remarks of many teachers. One of them said, “IT is a pity that I did not know about the career of going to the Sun earlier.”You wonder what makes them feel that way?Do you want to see what they have to say?It is true that a course always lasts for a short time, but the happiest part of the three weeks is that we spent some time to learn and improve ourselves. Meanwhile, we met a group of like-minded, excellent and motivated teachers, and spent a substantial time together.Really proud of every learning teacher, your busy schedule at the end of the year make time to attend classes, and some teachers work to balance family, can only use children to sleep at night time to study, see the teacher several times during the night 12 o ‘clock still submit a clock in my homework, because even some overtime missed the workshop, and when you sleep in the evening in the group,Contribute to the discussion……Such pictures and scenes are remembered in the hearts of each of us, into a solid force forward, here to praise every teacher’s efforts.A few years later, if we can recall this period of time, although it does not belong to unforgettable, also does not belong to forever, but it is a record of our growth experience memories, or we together for life, for the dream, for life struggle journey.We believe that a group of people can go further. Together, we share the same thing and the same dream with our feelings and love to spread and share career planning and college entrance examination voluntary planning, and persist in doing meaningful things.Although the course is the end, but our dream steps have just begun.I hope you can start with the end. I hope every teacher can become an excellent college entrance examination volunteer planner from the perspective of career planning. One day, we will meet again at the peak of career planning and college entrance examination volunteer planning.Xiangyang career will continue to pay attention to your growth, but also welcome you to come back to attend the training.Finally, we end with a big group photo of all our teachers as a souvenir of the course.