Uncivilized traffic behavior exposure platform | Pedestrians, non-motor vehicles running red lights (27)

2022-07-14 0 By

“Red light stop, green line”, is a basic common sense and intersections, travel is not only a kind of social moral civilization, but also a clear stipulation of legal liability, but there are still some pedestrians and non-motor vehicles driver ignored the traffic rules, today, the traffic police sanya to the branch and the motor vehicle drivers are exposed.From September 2021, the Municipal Party Committee’s Spiritual civilization and Health Care Office, The Traffic Police Detachment of Sanya Public Security Bureau and Sanya Media and Film Group jointly opened the “Uncivilized traffic behavior Exposure Platform” to expose uncivilized traffic behavior through media lens, and effectively make the masses become participants, practitioners, disseminators and beneficiaries of civilized city.Life often cross when the green light is on, you can safely walk through when the red light is on, you must not go to the happy moment, sad forever rather let three minutes, do not seize a second stop your footsteps, bring a safety safety is the closest road to home for this kind of traffic violations we will continue to expose