Young volunteers of zaohe lock of Suqian Navigation Center in action

2022-07-14 0 By

As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the flow of people and logistics will peak, posing severe challenges to epidemic prevention and control.In accordance with the Spring Festival travel spirit of “Little Voyage with you Home” in northern Jiangsu province, The Zao River Lock of Suqian Navigation Center strengthened a number of measures to do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety and stability of the prevention and control situation in the area under its control.On January 28th morning, epidemic prevention and control specific inspection activities of the organization, combination of youth volunteers JiZhaZu further upstream far blend station control, centralized control room, boats, the guard and other key parts, check daily prevention and control measures “including disinfection, measuring temperature, epidemic prevention propaganda to carry out the situation, and is a comprehensive review on epidemic prevention and control materials reserve.In addition, the young volunteers of Zaohe Lock took the initiative to go into the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, assisting the guards to take temperature measurements, check the health code of sukang code and register the information of migrants.We carried out publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge among property outsourcing service personnel, distributed posters of epidemic prevention and control, and continuously improved people’s awareness of epidemic prevention and control, strengthened the ability of self-prevention and control and scientific prevention and control, resolutely blocked the spread of the epidemic, and effectively guaranteed the health and life safety of residents.In the operation site of the lock, young workers persisted in fighting in the canal service line, and carried out epidemic prevention knowledge publicity for each lock ship through telephone, high-frequency, and voice broadcasting at the gate.Some of the youth league members worked as volunteers during their off-duty hours to provide warmth to the front-line epidemic prevention workers and assist the property management staff to disinfect the public areas of the institute, creating a strong epidemic prevention atmosphere.(Zhu Yanhu)