Yunnan Story (Part 3) : Living in Kunming

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In the summer of 2013, I was plagued by depression and couldn’t get out of the shadow in my heart. I couldn’t get a job in Kunming — even if I had the chance.Cornered situation, decided to leave.Before departure, I would like to travel around Kunming on a budget for a period of time. I would like to see all the places marked green on the paper map that can be reached by bus and foot.The thought was, I don’t think I’ll be back in Spring city.Among them, the farthest place to run is Dounan Flower Market.Information and transportation wasn’t as developed as it is now, and it was a bit primitive in a way.From xinyingbei District, take Bus No. 114 to the east Station, transfer to Bus No. 12 to Dounan, and then change the number to dounan Flower Market.Tossing and turning for two or three hours was very hard.In order to the heart that read want to, again bitter also want to go.Not to buy anything, just to walk and look.Look at the bundles of roses of all colors, the great piles of dried flower buds, the sachets of all sizes and shapes, the great variety of flower-based extension products such as essential oils and soaps, and so on.And the atmosphere, the atmosphere of the flower world of Dannan Flower Market.When parting, reluctant to part, all kinds of helpless, the heart of loss and sad beyond expression.At the end of 19, as luck would have it, I followed Lao Wang back to Yunnan.After banna, I will drive to Dounan immediately.I still old ideas, by memory and imagination negated the guidance of navigation, repeatedly looking for the address of that year.Nature is useless.Dounan Flower Market has moved to the current site, a brand-new appearance, lofty style.At first glance, I was rather disappointed.I was still in love with the taste of a little “old-fashioned”, slightly “broken” impression.Thanks to the opening of the subway line 4, it is quite convenient to get to Dannan Flower Market.White dragon road station, about 40 minutes, jingui Street station, exit is the destination.After learning my way around for the first time, I went there again and again for fun, like a farmer’s market.Whenever I feel upset, I go to dannan Flower Market to see flowers.Being in a colorful, colorful world can help you feel better — if only temporarily.In addition to visiting the flower market, lunch must be done there.My favorites are pickled cabbage and red bean rice, and stir-fried rice or baited silk at a Lanzhou noodle restaurant.Others occasionally come, but these two are the majority.I am a man of nostalgia.Once identified a certain, easily won’t transfer affection don’t love, another for him to choose.Because of nostalgia, I always miss the feeling of the flower market.Of course, the past will never come again. One has to look forward and move on. One cannot live by looking back on the past.On this basis, the so-called love grows over time, I gradually accept and like the new Dounan Flower Market.When I came back from Danzhai in the middle of the year, I made a schedule and there were several places that I would visit as soon as possible.Dounan Flower Market is the third after haigeng Dam and Cuihu Park.After finishing yesterday, I had the experience of tasting liuzhou snail noodles next to pickled cabbage and red bean rice.Are you going anywhere today?Find out later!Dannan Flower Market Dried flowers