A gray tracksuit with bean blue leggings looks youthful

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A gray tracksuit with bean blue leggings looks youthful.What are the rules for matching leggings?While most of us wear leggings these days, there are plenty of amazing fashion pieces to pair with.High-waisted leggings are best worn by tall women because of their high height.Leggings are easy to hold up and slimming.So, want to master leggings collocation principle only, basically do not have what problem.1. “Wide on top and wide on bottom.”That is, wearing loose on the top and tight on the bottom is an important rule to look thin and tall, but also to follow the high waist principle.2. “pants + jacket” with short top + high-waisted leggings shows both long legs and height.4, more exposed arm show curve, waist and abdomen should be flat 5, bring tassel & AMP;Elongated design 6, stacked 7, slim slim wear v-neck v-neck leggings to complement the long neck height and slim.The big V collar can cover the flesh on the arm, more lean show high.The back of the instep is good, and the ankle is thin.A pair of white fringed shoes is an easy way to pull it off.9, wear high heels with small white shoes is also very beautiful, color can also choose bright color embellishment.Wearing flat shoes is small and fresh if you want to look tall and thin, flat shoes are essential, don’t worry.11, the waist is more important in the whole process, but the shirt can not be too long or choose a short style more slim.The chest is full of leg leggings with long skirt, waist line concave figure proportion.A small suit looks good with flats, too.13, high waist leggings choose waist line not too high.It is good to fully show the waist, not too narrow, otherwise it will be very fat.Tighten pants to foil legs 15, long coat + skirt skirt the longer the overall higher.16, don’t wear too long shirt skirt long dozen, in fact, better look, but there is no need to put the top into the skirt, look very messy.17. It’s not good to wear it to the knee.The correct way is to wear a skirt, a coat or a longer coat.18, knee leggings choose high waist leggings too long, with a high waist skirt is very tall.When you wear a long coat, put the hem inside the skirt when the coat is long, or it will be very short.