Hongmeng Zhilian Seabird sticker printer P1-12A: Life is more orderly, express more mind

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In daily work and life, you must have met a lot of need of labeling, before is cut piece of paper, and then with transparent tape, or with a very big a self-adhesive printing, and then cut, time-consuming, laborious effect is low, I recently discovered the seabirds sticker printer P1-12 a, this problem is solved, thank gold provide product evaluation.The combination of green and pink in the packaging box of unpacking seabird sticker printer is a little fresh. The logo of seabird is in the upper left corner, and the outline of this printer is in the middle.On the back of the package is the information about printer parameters.Open the box and you’ll see the body of the seabird sticker printer P1-12A, which is about the size and weight of a cell phone but slightly thicker, with a Type-C cable next to it.Sky-blue printers are more personal than pure white.The overall feel is similar to the walkman of previous years.The C position on the front is the logo of seabird, and the logo of Hongmeng Zhilian is in the upper left corner.Above is a paper outlet, next to the manual paper knife push head, push head next to a small scissors sign.On the side is the power button, above the power button is the power/Bluetooth indicator light, on the right side of the power button is the backshell opening port, to open the back cover, just press the button and pull out.At the bottom is a Type-c socket and a charging indicator.There is a slot on the back, you can check the label allowance at any time.In the upper left corner there is the logo of Hongmeng Zhilian.In the lower right corner is the product information.Before starting the label box, ensure that the label on the front of the label box exceeds the cutting edge.Then close the back cover.Download the Seabird Printer APP to connect the printer and start printing.There are two ways to connect the printer. One is to use huawei/Honor mobile phone with NFC function, which can be quickly connected by pasting it to the sign of Hongmeng Zhilian on the front of the printer.Or add it manually in the APP.After successfully connecting with huawei/Honor phone, you can use printer in smart Life APP. However, you can only use a few templates in smart Life APP. To use more templates, you need to use your own APP.Double – click the power button to print the test page.At the bottom of the APP, there are four labels: Home Page, History, Share and Me.There are label templates on the home page, providing a total of name stickers, home office, fun and good mood, kitchen food, garbage classification five classification label templates. After clicking, there are subdivision classification, which is more comprehensive, almost covering all the classification you can use.Video cloud romance is a good function. You can choose the video or photo you want to print, and the APP will automatically generate a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code and print it out. Then you can see the video or photo by scanning it.To create a new label, you can edit the label style according to your own needs. Below the edit box, there are horizontal and vertical switch keys, next to which is automatically calculated according to your editing situation, ensure that the printed label left and right side of the blank is almost the same.On the right is the zoom in and zoom out button. Editing labels do not support double finger zoom in and out at will.Click text at the bottom to input text, text can choose different styles and fonts;There are many different types of ICONS for you to choose from. However, no matter whether your label is horizontal or vertical, the direction of the top icon of the label remains the same. It is recommended to add the icon rotation button later.Two-dimensional code this function is very powerful, input text, English and other information, can automatically generate two-dimensional code, sweep oh;Similarly, you can input a number of different lengths, can generate the corresponding bar code, the supermarket is very convenient to use;Click time to add the current actual;Pictures can be taken or selected from an album, and they print out well.After editing, click on the print label to choose options such as symmetrical whitespace, scissor lines, print quantity, etc. The print length is automatically generated and cannot be changed.Seabird sticker printer uses thermal self-adhesive technology, without adding carbon tape, ribbon, ink, etc., save worry and effort, the printing speed is very fast, not particularly long labels can be printed within 3 seconds.In the history TAB, you can view all the printed tabs.In sharing tags, you can share the edited tags with others, or directly use the tags shared by others.Thanks to the printing accuracy of 203 DPI, the labels printed by seabird sticker printer are clear and smooth. The labels on the oil surface are not distorted or faded after water, even if used in the kitchen and bathroom.The protective paper on the back of the sticker is separated from the middle, so that users can locate it more conveniently when using it.Conclusion Seabird sticker printer is simple and fashionable in design, small and exquisite in appearance, simple and convenient to use, rich templates on the APP side, and it will be more convenient to edit labels with arbitrary scaling and rotation.In general, seabird sticker printer has a high playability, which plays a very important role in daily storage, differentiation and marking. It is very practical and necessary for life.