“I speak for my hometown,” xingxian flavor snacks of the la Chattering

2022-07-15 0 By

“La Zao” is the most characteristic snack in Xingxian County, Shanxi Province, and its delicious with a touch of nostalgia.Some people say that the status of Xingxian cuisine in Luliang is the same as that of Chengdu cuisine in the whole country. I think this is also reasonable.The ingredients are buckwheat noodles and white noodles, and the usual condiments are sesame oil, spicy juice and sesame seeds mixed with dip sauce, plus garlic juice and vinegar.Although the ingredients are roughly the same, each restaurant has its own secret recipe, so each taste is the same, different, and each has its own strengths.Its production process is generally mixed, washing, steaming, seasoning, and every merchant to ensure taste and freshness, are made on the same day, the same day sales.Today go out to school students, struggle of people, New Year’s day home run technically to baoxing county local snacks eat out on the street, so it is also advancing with The Times, breaking the only now have the disadvantages of the field, to launch a vacuum packaging for the people to go out in the field of the relatives and friends, exclusive in xingxian delicious taste.But even with the vacuum packaging, it only has a seven-day shelf life, as the la Pron is preservative-free.All the wanderer way is homesickness, say not over is homesickness, and for our xingxian people outside the struggle will be more than a feeling, that is not enough to eat the old taste – ah.Because, that little dish “carries” a hometown.Author: Wu Xingmei, Baicheng Normal University