Smooth development of blood heshun county traffic and transport business smooth development

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To develop economy, traffic must precede;People’s livelihood should be improved, and traffic should lead the way.In early spring, the land of Liang Yu is full of vitality and spring. Walking in the Hanhuling tunnel, excavators are waving solid arms and struggling to construct.The crusher uses its hard bit to break down blocks of rock;Transport vehicles shuttle back and forth, loading and unloading earth;The roller compacts loose soil, sand and stone…The whole construction site machinery roar, stone rolling, workers are working overtime.Qiao Yu, deputy manager of the Hanhuling Tunnel project, said: “The 2.5km hanhuling tunnel is expected to be completed by April 2023. It will effectively ease traffic pressure in Heshun county and Yuci District and shorten travel time by about 20 minutes.It will also serve as an economic link to the development of the local eco-tourism industry.”In recent years, The Transportation bureau of Heshun County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, has taken on the role of stepping stones in the depths of the mountains to leave a mark, sweating like rain in a poor village, a transportation infrastructure as a “blood transfusion” “hematopoietic” capillaries, linking the county each village, each people’s happiness and prosperity.Looking far, a highway, national and provincial trunk road through the province, radiation extension;Newly rebuilt rural roads are now connected in all directions, and public buses have been launched in all townships and administrative villages, enabling all villages to have access to logistics and public transport.New energy buses and online car hailing are everywhere. Taking public transport has become the norm for people to travel. Urban buses, urban and rural buses, towns and villages are interconnected with each other.Ren Qiang, deputy manager of xi-Yu Highway 5 project department, said: “China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD., the construction of Xi-Yu highway 5, the length of 7.1 km, has been completed 80%, is expected to be completed in October this year.After completion, it will become an important logistics channel for shanxi agricultural products, boosting the rapid development of tourism, logistics and other industries in Jinzhong city.Xi-yu Expressway is an important section of the seventh section of “3 vertical, 12 horizontal and 12 rings” in Shanxi Province expressway Network Planning Adjustment Program, and is an important channel connecting Shanxi and Hebei provinces, which is of great significance to improve the economic development of county and promote the revitalization of Heshun county.It is understood that the county the actively promote transportation well yesterday elm high-speed Ma Fang wall each regiment to single pile connecting project coordination and preliminary examination and approval procedures, accelerate the forger to manger taihang number one travel path, good NiuChuan to li high-speed mouth four rural road project construction, as well as the safety life protection engineering and unsafe bridge reconstruction project.The construction of taihang Plate Tourism Road and the upgrading and upgrading of Mashi Line will be completed on schedule, forming a railway freight channel network connecting Xingtai bohai Bay Economic Circle in the east and Taiyuan South Tongpu Economic Belt in the west, complementing the Yang-Sheyang Railway in the north-south direction, and creating a cross-railway network connecting the north and south and crossing the east and west.At the same time, based on digital base, increase the passenger transportation center platform construction, focus on the county truck platform of nearly 2000 units formed a company, the construction is given priority to with coal freight logistics platform, using the platform economy greatly, improve the traffic as the running efficiency and the level of the third industry services, high quality economic and social development for the county to consolidate the transportation infrastructure.(Li Shipeng)