The cultural background of the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger at the Headquarters: All mountains and rivers

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The 2022 Spring Festival Gala by the China Media Group takes the fine traditional Chinese culture as the background, finds a place on the vast land, sees and co-operates in the poetic and pictorial sense, and creates its essence in every move.”Everything gives birth to something, but only one knows how to keep its root.”The 2022 Spring Festival Gala by the China Media Group takes the fine traditional Chinese culture as the background, finds a place on the vast land, sees and co-operates in the poetic and pictorial sense, and creates its essence in every move.The party uses modern light and shadow to touch the cultural context of five thousand years, with every breath and breath, full of mountains and rivers.”The road of history is not the sidewalk of the Nevado, it is entirely in the field, sometimes through the dust, sometimes through the mud, sometimes across the swamp, sometimes through the jungle.”On this vast land, history has left us an endless legacy.The historical background is a glimpse of “sleeping for three thousand years, waking up to shock the world”.2021 is a shining year for Sanxingdui, and the newly unearthed cultural relics full of fantasy temperament have aroused the attention of the global archaeological circle.Let the heritage displayed on the vast land come to life, as the representative of 2021 “Shangxin” — Sanxingdui bronze mask, after initial repair, remove active disease, the grand debut of the Spring Festival Gala.Following the “Silk Road Landscape Map” in 2018 and “National Treasure Coming Home” in 2021, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala once again welcomed the national treasure, a solemn bronze, to witness the centenary of Chinese archaeology.The historical background, no matter how beautiful the imagination, has a plain origin.The cultural relics that just appeared on the stage were instantly transformed into paintings, and the creative dance “Golden Face”, which represents the historical theme of Sanxingdui civilization, made an amazing appearance.The program with the performance of the plot, the frontier visual effect and the combination of Chinese classical pas de deux, tells the story of a contemporary girl through the millennium, encounter the ancient Shu golden face youth story.Program scene to restore the ancient Shu scene of life, young men and women lightly among them talk to each other.Even after thousands of years, the Chinese people’s yearning for a better life, dedication to beauty and pursuit of love have not changed at all.The beauty of Chinese history, in the Spring Festival Gala stage, our civilization is so bright!Let cultural relics speak, tell people the historical wisdom, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala presents the answer of The Times “Why China”.In poetry and painting, to understand the beauty of mountains and rivers, “the knowledge of water, benevolent leshan.”The deepest feeling of Chinese people is between mountains and rivers.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, the two programs were based on the famous Chinese paintings, with beautiful scenery of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, and Plain rice in The misty rain of the South of the Yangtze River.The bottom color of mountains and rivers is the deep static water of classical aesthetics and the poetic rendering of modern light and shadow.In 2021, “Only This Green”, a dance and poetry drama about the creation process of the famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”, became a hard-to-find “annual hit”, and the classic excerpt “Painting” was broadcast in “National Treasure · Exhibition Season”.On This year’s New Year’s Eve, the much-anticipated group dance of the only One Is Green took the stage.The 14 dancers performed a series of scenes with zen and rich imagination, such as waiting, watching the moon, thinking, walking alone, perilous peaks and lying on rocks.The implication of Traditional Chinese aesthetics full of philosophical thinking and the modern dance vocabulary and light and shadow rendering jointly constructed a unique “Only This Green”.On the stage, the water is misty and the mountains turn green, complementing the deep beauty of the dance itself.The stage with the largest audience in the world brings not only difficult dances and visual enjoyment beyond the senses, but also the harmony with nature and the confidence of Chinese culture.”This painting is painted with the people of heaven and earth, but I see green is enough!”The background color of mountains and rivers is the creative restoration of ink painting scroll, which has the same root and homology and connects mountains and rivers.”Heavy as a picture, curved as a screen.””Fuchun Mountain Dwelling”, jiangnan scenery into the painting is very beautiful.Creative music, dance, poetry and painting “Remembering South of the Yangtze River” carefully reduces a long scroll of ink painting to a specific stage scene: literati, fisherman, woodcutter, or chanting in the mountains and waters of Fuchun, or singing in the ink painting scroll.In 2011, with the concerted efforts of people of insight from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, the “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling”, “Remaining Mountain Painting” and “Useless Master Volume”, which had been separated for hundreds of years, were exhibited together in Taipei, becoming a story in the history of Chinese art.In “Memory of Jiangnan”, the two volumes merge into one again in a new artistic scene, interpreting the cultural affinity and cultural integration of the two sides with artistic expression.Surprise after zero o ‘clock, what a “cultural year”!The beauty of mountains and rivers lies in the natural mountains and rivers, and the human civilization bred between them is as bright as the stars.Spring Festival gala on the stage of the mountain high water long gladdening, a breath between, full of castle peak, full of rivers.In a move between a type, the inheritance of cultural beauty “rigid and flexible crisscross, astronomy;Civilization stops, humanity also.”Wherever there are people, there is culture, and culture is inherited. People are the most basic unit.Cultural background, is standing in the steel jungle, everything harmonious coexistence.Chinese culture values “stopping the fight as military force” and regards “using force” as a warning.The original intention of Chinese martial arts is to eliminate wars and maintain peace.Landscape Tai Chi “Running Clouds and flowing Water” is staged in urban high-rise buildings, and the sense of harmonious coexistence of all things comes to you.In the program, three martial arts champions in Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou in 4 tall buildings, perform “high altitude tai Chi”.Overlooking the city from the summit surrounded by clouds, the buildings look like steel and bamboo forest, and three martial arts masters move on the top of the “bamboo sea”.The program shows the encounter, display, collision and symbiosis of traditional and modern elements with the texture of movie shots.Traditional martial arts stand in the steel jungle of modern cities, just as traditional Chinese culture breeds modern city civilization.Tall buildings, like steel backbones, still stand tall after many vicissitudes.One can feel the harmony and unity between traditional culture and modern civilization, urban construction and natural environment, architecture and martial arts.The cultural background is passed on from generation to generation, and innovation is endless.In the 40 years of Spring Festival Gala, opera programs have never been absent.In “Life and Growth in the Pear Garden”, the old, the young, the young and the young are performing on the same stage to show the profound drama and the long drama.Yang Shaochun, a martial arts actor who is still active on the stage in his 80s, made a spirited appearance at the beginning.Chen Shaoyun, a 74-year-old Peking Opera master, won applause by singing and dancing in his rendition of xu Ce Running into the City, a classic of the Unicorn school.He performed the play for more than 60 years.The beauty of culture lies in the brilliance of life after thousands of years of inheritance and innovation.The excellent traditional Chinese culture of the Spring Festival Gala is the source of artistic innovation.In the history to find the place, between the mountains and rivers to see symbiosis, casting soul in culture!On the eve of the year of the Tiger in 2022, the Spring Festival Gala, like flowing water, slowly infiltrates the fabric of 5,000 years of culture, laying a continuous and enduring cultural background for the joy, auspice and jubilation of reunion.All the ways of profit go with The Times.The world is changing, and the Way the Chinese people view the world, society and life is advancing with The Times and history.The Spring Festival Gala presents these traditional and modern stories to the global audience, and uses the integration of “thought + art + technology” to blossom the charm of The Times of Chinese excellent traditional culture.Source: Radio Exclusive