Two new medium-risk areas were added to the existing 9+1 medium-risk areas in Beijing on Wednesday

2022-07-15 0 By

At the 279th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on January 29, Li Ang, deputy director and spokesperson of The Municipal Health Commission, said that as of 12 o ‘clock on January 29, 4 confirmed local cases had been reported in the past 14 days in Building 4, Anzhenli Community, Anzhen Street, Chaoyang District.In the past 14 days, three local confirmed cases have been reported in Hongfuyuan Community, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District.Based on the assessment by The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Building 4, Area 3, Anzhenli Community, Anzhen Street, Chaoyang District, and Hongfuyuan Community, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, have been designated as medium-risk areas in accordance with the Risk Classification Standards for COVID-19 in Beijing.Up to now, there is one high-risk area in Beijing, namely Wanliuyuan District, Yuquanying Street, Fengtai District;9 areas with moderate risk,For chaoyang district anzhen anzhen street community in three areas, 4 anzhen building, fengtai xincun street article garden, the garden, nanyuan street south division xinyuan north, jade street friends garden area, wanliu park west village, jade jade street Huang Tugang street community, jade mountain town of community work, changyang county town of fangshan district this activation of street on the 8th, daxing district west town of red gate tivoli park district.The rest of the city is a low-risk area.Source: Beijing Daily