Basketball Opel: Kyrie Irving on Harden staying, he won’t even talk

2022-07-16 0 By

Since the Nets lost to the Nuggets, they have suffered another eight-game losing streak, and their overall numbers are terrible.They were just seventh in the Eastern Conference, and their team was a mess.So right now, they’re not doing particularly well as a team.And their team is expected to change itself quickly, even harden is expected to trade himself.At the end of the game, a reporter first interviewed Owen.When asked if Harden would choose to stay with the team, his answer was simple.He felt as if it had nothing to do with him.He made it clear that Harden’s overall form right now is very determined, and you don’t know what’s going to happen.So in this content, we can obviously feel, in fact, his answer made many fans feel very speechless.Because he doesn’t think of the player as a team player at all. If he thinks of the player as a team player, then it’s more or less helping the other team.Now Owen has become a burning figure, a lot of people feel very unhappy with him.Since he didn’t choose the vaccine, it has caused a lot of bad feelings.There were even a lot of people who were particularly eager to see his career end sooner.And hope that he can quickly leave the team, not to the team.Although he is a very good player, but this result, not necessarily a good result.In the recent period of time, O ‘Neill in an interview, also put forward their views.He felt that if he had a player like Owen, he would want to leave the team quickly.He felt that this was a player who was completely out of step with the team, who was not there to win a championship, who was there to put on a show.So a lot of people get very angry when they see his whole state.That’s understandable, because he’s really out of sync with this team.