Chinese people know how to eat at Lantern Festival

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Original Food hasn’t had enough of the year, and today is the last day.According to the custom, the Spring Festival does not officially end until after the Lantern Festival.Zigong Lantern Festival who do not give up the joy of the New Year, so the Lantern Festival activities continue to increase.”Get high on the last day of the Lantern Festival” is the motto accumulated year after year.Zigong Lanterns will enjoy lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls, guess lantern riddles, set off fireworks, dragon lantern parade, lion dance, stilt walking, land boat rowing, yangko dance, taiping drum…Lively is justice, regardless of activities or text or military, as long as the lively can be on the Lantern Festival stage.The main food of the Lantern Festival is yuanxiao/tangyuan, which is also the most unified traditional festival.Compared to zongzi and moon cakes, which can produce dozens of different kinds of pompous salty and sweet, yuanxiao/Tangyuan fillings can be counted on one hand.But that doesn’t mean Lantern Festival isn’t delicious.On the contrary, from ancient times to the present, from the south to the north, Chinese people have come up with all kinds of delicious foods to eat during the Lantern Festival.01 | ointment porridge Lantern Festival originated in the han dynasty, at that time we just enjoy watching lanterns, there is no section should be food.When it came to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, some rice porridge or bean porridge with oil paste (gravy) was used as food to celebrate the festival.This food is mainly used for sacrifice, and there is a certain debate about whether to eat it after the sacrifice.But generally, they tend to “eat”, because in the eyes of the ancients, beans are “Yang”, which can promote good fortune and ward off evil.There is also a legend about the origin of eating soy porridge. At that time, the object of sacrifice was not only the ancient “Tai Yi God”, but also the “Silkworm God”.In Wuxian county (now Wuzhong District of Suzhou city) there was a sericulture household named Zhang Cheng.In the fourteen night of the first month met the local silkworm god, silkworm god said: “tomorrow is the first half, you cook oil and paste white porridge offering me, protect your silk production a hundred times this year.”Zhang Cheng listened to “darling, and this good thing?”Do it right away and reap a real silk harvest.This kind of good nature is not hidden, so the Lantern Festival with oil porridge worship silkworm god custom will spread.02 | surface cocoon and figure probably long enough to have been a bit yuanxiao prototype to tang dynasty, make yuanxiao added a new feeding.”The Legacy of Tianbao” has a record of “making cocoon on Yuanri”.This so-called face cocoon, is made of flour cocoon, which obviously retains the custom of worshipping silkworm god.As the imperial examination system had been perfected in the Tang Dynasty, everyone would put a piece of paper with his official position written on it when making the cocoons. The official position he or she ate indicated what kind of official he or she would be in the future.If you think of it this way, the fortune cookie in “American Chinese food” can indeed be considered a Chinese invention.03 | oil hammer in addition to the surface of cocoon, tang’s Lantern Festival also appeared a kind of important food, it is now that we eat yuanxiao.At that time, it was also called “oil hammer”, and the practice has been very close to today’s Yuanxiao, the stuffing into the soft dough, and then over the well water, under the frying pan.Some friends may not quite distinguish yuanxiao and tangyuan, think they are the same food.In fact, the Lantern Festival should be “shaken” out, the stuffing into a small ball, then thrown into the walkoff basket filled with sticky rice flour, the walkoff basket constantly wrapped in powder.Soak it again, shake it again, repeat and finish.So if the yuanxiao boiled, easy to scatter, so fried is the most delicious, the ancients also gave “its taste crisp beauty, unspeakable” high evaluation.Tangtuan, which can even be eaten with chopsticks, is usually round with a sweet filling and the tip with a salty filling.And the continuation of “fried” this practice and carry forward, is now hemp tuan, fried heap.Another boiled pie, is jiangsu, Shanghai eat “dumplings”, one almost two weight, 3 or 4 can eat full.To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Lantern Festival food customs further developed, and many have been continued to the present.Now the Lantern Festival in the north, most of the food is the most representative local festival food, highlighting a “eat happy heart”.04 | dumplings I will declare that northerners really not what festival will eat dumplings!However, some parts of the north do have the custom of eating dumplings during the Lantern Festival.People living on flat land in the north have a saying of “15 flat and 16 round”, so people should eat dumplings on Lantern Festival.The dumplings are really delicious, which can be called national cuisine. Thinking of the Spanish mackerel dumplings I ate in Qingdao before, my stomach immediately vacated the “three rooms and two rooms”.An American skier to participate in the Winter Olympics also said in an interview that his favorite dumplings, in the Olympic Village has eaten a total of 200 dumplings!05 | seasoned millet mush and the mountains in the north is “fifteen camellia, 16 knead dumpling”, such as shaanxi and other places to eat on the Lantern Festival day camellia.Oil tea “tea is not tea”, is the flour fried, and then add butter or ingredients such as five kernel, boil into a paste of a delicious food.Savory, sweet and fragrant, noodles tea is originally a favorite breakfast of Shaanxi people.Lantern Festival is the day must come to a bowl, drive away the cold, warm and a beautiful Lantern Festival.06 | surface light in huaibei region have the custom of eating noodles lamp, is made of flour lamps, so also called surface light.The lamp was originally used to predict the rain situation in the next year, making 12 (13 in leap years) and then putting oil on fire, steaming the pot and looking at the remaining oil or water to predict, and then eating the next day.The people of the north gave full play to their ability to control flour and made the face lamp all sorts of good-looking models.Now except a small number of rural areas still retain the custom of divination, we are more as the Lantern Festival food and blessing for the New Year.07 | jujube cake in the western area of people likes to eat jujube cake Lantern Festival, although used to be a “court first pastry” jujube cake, now has become a daily food.But in the Lantern Festival to eat jujube cake, but has a New Year sweet, rising implication.There is also a folk saying that “common red date cake, healthy and refreshing”.Big fish and meat during the Spring Festival, eating a piece of jujube cake in yuanxiao is also a good choice.The southern Lantern Festival food, in addition to delicious, more important is to have a good mouth, so that the New Year will be all the best.Jiangbei district 08 | noodles (jiangsu, anhui provinces north of the Yangtze river, south of huaihe river area) the evening of the Lantern Festival to eat noodles, there is a proverb: “lamp yuanxiao, down lamp, ate later at next year”.Jiangbei area has always been good at business, and they all hope their offspring can be distinguished through the imperial examination.Therefore, the local people eat noodles on Lantern Festival, which means that the coming year will be happy and smooth.09 | eat custom to eat rice cakes, rice cake Lantern Festival after the tang dynasty had actually.Most coastal cities in south China like to eat rice cake, and each has its own way of doing it.Cantonese people like to cut rice cakes into slices and fry them in a pan until fragrant.Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places like with seasonal mustard, winter bamboo shoots together fried, or made into soup.But no matter what kind of practice, take is “successively high” moral.10 | hell of soup soup is taizhou Lantern Festival section should be food, named after the deep including vinasse (now has not put vinasse).People in Taizhou eat salty glutinous soup on the 14th day of the first lunar month and sweet glutinous soup on the 15th.The raw materials of bad soup are less than five or six kinds, more than ten kinds, all by preference, hundreds of taste.Raw materials are all cut into small cubes, eat, do not use chopsticks and spoons, directly along the bowl into a slurp.11 | sugar sugar ring ring is delicacies around guangdong, guangxi, its shape is chic, outside a circle, like a star, it is golden.The Lantern Festival to eat the meaning of interlocking, endless, full of gold (in this respect is really have to obey the Cantonese ah).Sugar ring is said to be dongguan ancestors moved south, by the north brought one of the food.It looks similar to German kink bread, but since it is made of glutinous rice flour (flour is used in some areas), the shape is more varied, so if you ask me, win!12 | zongzi feed, this is not the Dragon Boat Festival, eating zongzi is a bit wide of the mark?But guangxi people tell you: “You eat dumplings every day in the north, we eat zongzi every day!”Guangxi is rich in glutinous rice, so there are all kinds of zongzi, cool zongzi, pillow zongzi, Lingshan zongzi, seafood zongzi, Jialou zongzi, five fairy zongzi and so on.It is no joke to cook a big pot of zongzi on New Year’s Eve and eat them until the Lantern Festival.Zongzi also homonym “neutron”, “(ancestor) zong”, so there are thriving people, the meaning of the family.The Lantern Festival is the end of the Spring Festival and the beginning of the New Year.Now the material is rich, want to eat anything can, besides eating yuanxiao/tangyuan, it is better to try the food of other places.Finally, I wish you a happy family, reunion, good health and good luck in the New Year. 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