Chip wars between China and the United States are heating up!Europe and Japan fall victim, and Silicon Valley grumbles about sanctions against Huawei

2022-07-16 0 By

According to Russian Sputnik news agency on April 7, the Us White House held a confidential briefing recently, the meeting mainly discussed the serious impact of the shortage of semiconductor materials on the US economic development, the US Commerce Secretary Raymond Mondo, deputy Secretary of Defense Hicks and other people attended the meeting.Sources said the White House called the meeting to further push for passage of a $52 billion semiconductor subsidy bill, indicating that the CHIP war between China and the United States is getting more heated.Both Europe and Japan will be victims of the US’s move to dominate semiconductors, while Silicon Valley complains that the White House should not have clamped down on Huawei because the White House’s targeted crackdown has made China realize the importance of developing semiconductor technology.It is reported that China’s semiconductor chip share in 2021 did not increase, but the United States has provoked the global semiconductor industry competition, although China’s semiconductor companies share compared to the United States there is still a gap, but our performance is not comparable to other countries.Europe and Japan have already fallen victim to the U.S. Japan had about 49% of the semiconductor market in the 1990s, but its companies now have only 6% of the market, thanks to U.S. concerns.Japanese semiconductor manufacturers such as Panasonic and Toshiba were weakened by American oppression, and there was nothing the Japanese authorities could do about it, because the United States had troops stationed in Japan and viewed Japan as its colony.The growth of China’s semiconductor industry continues to accelerate, and by 2021, China’s semiconductor industry share will overtake Japan to rank third.’China accounts for about a third of global demand for semiconductors, so companies like SMIC are expanding capacity to meet our huge domestic demand,’ said a person familiar with the matter.Experts forecast that China’s semiconductor production capacity will reach about 18% of the global total by the end of this year, though that total adds the capacity of mainland factories owned by Companies such as Samsung and TSMC.The U.S. wants to completely monopolize the semiconductor industry, which is why it has decided to subsidize the semiconductor industry with 52 billion dollars.Suppressing Huawei is only the first step of the United States, which wants to use semiconductor technology to launch a new round of technology blockade against China, and the United States also wants to control the pricing power of semiconductor materials, using this means to complete the harvest of global capital.However, China has seen the true purpose of the United States, which is why Silicon Valley has complained that the White House should not crack down on Huawei, saying that the White House has prematurely revealed its intentions.Analysts said that the United States is also to strengthen the block of the semiconductor companies in China, the vigorous development of our country should take advantage of the industrial chain, make up for the lack of technical and share, strive for in the United States before the last action, complete monopoly on mid-range capacity, only in this way can we master the semiconductor industry more say.