Happy premiere valentine’s Day love film sheet, see true love, meet the right person

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Love is a part of life. Real love, like real life, has the sweetness of love, the bitterness of parting and the acid of missing.More and more audiences are addicted to sugar and refuse to be abused, Shouting that love films have no sweet, hard to stop.But in a way, the pure sweet romance is the distortion of love.Instead of being immersed in virtual sugar for a short time and lamenting that the reality is not sweet enough, it is better to see more real love with your loved one, live a good real life and manage a good real love.After all, what is more important than the movie itself may be the people who watch it with you.Song Jia plays the role of his wife Chen Hui, Zhu Yawen plays the role of her husband Li Wu.Her husband had a dream of being a poet, and her wife gave her all her support: a rare opportunity to study, not to go;Lots of social time, no play;Better job, no job.The reason is surprisingly simple: serve your husband.In some people’s eyes, a wife’s love is so precious: pure, crazy, absolute.But love is not wishful thinking, nor is it carving a boat to beg for a sword, but should be a delicate balance between human nature and the environment landing.All her life, Chen Hui was obsessed with women who were poets, even if they could keep the shadow and smell of each other.Could she wait for his dream to come true?Can their love be pure to the end?When it comes to love, marriage is hard to escape.It is normal to get married and have children, but if you find out you are pregnant after divorce, it becomes an “unconventional” issue.The title of the film, “The Search for Han Plan”, as the name implies, is a “search for a man” story.The heroine, Wang Zhao, played by Ren Suxi, finds herself with a child from her former husband after a divorce.In those days when children born out of wedlock could not be registered, a man who could be a father was needed to keep the child.So she and grandpa together, started a “looking for han” journey.Can she find a stepfather for her child?In the process of looking for a man, will you meet the next love?Some things are meant to be and some things aren’t.The experience of each stage has a profound or shallow impact on a person’s life, and the experience of childhood plays a relatively more important role.Darby’s parents divorced when she was young, and she was not only kicked by her parents, but also a failure at boarding school.She began to wonder: Am I worthy of love?One boyfriend per episode is what an American TV series should be.I loved school grass, dated a former boss, had sex with a talkative guy at a birthday party, and thought a gentle chef would get me married.After so many failures, will Darby ever find her own love life?”You’re fine, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you,” a couple with a child heading off to college utter these poignant words in the very first episode.Wife suddenly divorce husband: I think our affection, perhaps has been exhausted.For themselves and their children, they decided to go on a journey to save love.Three Saturday country, there are new scenery, there are young memories of the couple.They were once romantic and sweet, but now both feel the passion has faded.They all dreamed of having children, only to face problems with them later.As a father, can he smooth things over with his son?As a husband, does a trip change his wife’s mind?Domestic films “Wind Dog boy sky”, “Jianghu children”, “Warm hug” and overseas films “Only Love can let me Survive”, “Marriage Feelings trace”, “Invitation from Orion Cinema”, “My big divorce party” and other love films/episodes are happy premiere exclusive hot broadcast.​​​