Strong Chinese style!Chinese men’s naturalized goalkeeper helmet attracts attention: Chinese name + dragon terra-cotta Warriors

2022-07-16 0 By

The Chinese men’s ice hockey team made their debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics last night, losing 8-0 to the United States.Facing a strong opponent only lost 8 balls, this result is still ok, and careful fans also found that the Chinese men’s ice this naturalized corps, although as many as 15 naturalized, but their body, or a strong Chinese wind!Before the Winter Olympics, The Chinese men’s ice hockey team was on the hot search list, because there are 15 naturalized players in the team, which aroused the whole Internet discussion, and what kind of results they can achieve in the Winter Olympics, also aroused the concern.This is the first time for Chinese men to participate in the Winter Olympics, the opening game 0-8 team suffered a black.The first game lost, means that Chinese men want to ice line, hope for the basic zero!However, some members of the hockey team became the focus of attention, starting goalie Smith, his helmet attracted the attention of media fans, can be described as a strong Chinese style.Pictures of Smith’s helmet show his Chinese name, dragons, terracotta warriors and traditional Chinese architecture.The design of the helmet is quite distinctive and shows the determination of the naturalized players to integrate into China. Chinese culture permeates the helmet from beginning to end.The majority of fans also praised: “Wow sa, too handsome, this wave of pink” “female ice goalkeeper helmet is similar, tiger head dragon pattern” “This is the embodiment of China’s five thousand years of culture, must praise one!””Double BUFF, hope to achieve good results in the next match!”Male ice next opponent will be Germany, 0 to 8 in the opening phase, after the defeat of Chinese men in Germany is also ice run, of course, no matter how result, male ice can use to take part in the Olympic Games host country advantage, already is a very rare opportunity, it also can promote the development of domestic ice hockey programs, it is perhaps the biggest harvest!