The old man picks up a baby and raises it like himself. Taoist Priest: You shouldn’t feed it raw meat

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During the Reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, there lived an old man named Jiang in cypress village under Sanqing Mountain.When jiang was young, his daughter-in-law died of illness, and he did not marry again. Instead, he brought up his son through hardships.His son was born smart, reading very well since childhood, but at the age of 13, he fell into the river and died with his friends.From then on, Old Jiang was left alone.After the death of his son, a number of friendly villagers came to persuade jiang to marry again, but he always said: “I am so old, there is a good daughter of a family who is willing to bear hardships with me, so it is the same to live alone.”As a matter of fact, the old man could not help complaining about god. He had worked hard all his life to eat food from the earth. Why did God take away his wife and children one after another?One day, old Jiang went out to collect firewood. Autumn was coming, and many trees had fallen off their dead branches. After several days in the sun, they were already dehydrated.The old man walked along and came to the river unconsciously.He looked up and saw the river shimmering in the sun not far away.”Bah!Bad luck!”The old man called out, saying that he had been reluctant to go near the river since his son fell into the river and died.But when he was about to leave, he heard a faint cry in the reeds near the river.The old man looked around and wondered, “How could there be crying in such a remote place?Whose child was bitten by a snake?”With this in mind, he hurried into the reeds and began to search for the source of the crying.In a few moments he found a bamboo basket wrapped in a basket, a pale baby, red with tears.”Is this a woman who fell into the river while washing clothes without proper care?”The old man was muttering to himself. He decided to take the boy home and return him to his parents when they came to look for him.So the old Man took the baby home and raised it carefully.But after a long time, no one came to take the boy, so jiang took him as his adopted son and named him Jiang Cong.Strange to say, the baby did not drink milk, but liked to eat raw meat, and grew much faster than ordinary children. In only three years, it was seven or eight years old.Moreover, he looks more and more like Jiang Old man.In addition, the old man also discovered that Jiang Cong had another surprise: he could predict exactly what would happen to him in the next few days from every villager he saw. He could predict the weddings and funerals, the weather for planting crops, and so on.Over time, the village all know jiang old man picked up a child, not only looks like him, but also a fortune-telling prodigy.In order to get the prophecy of the prodigy, many villagers came to visit the old Man with gifts.”The boy is so similar to Master Jiang,” another person joked. “Maybe Master Jiang secretly married a daughter-in-law and gave birth to a child somewhere, and didn’t let everyone know.Although jiang old man felt that Jiang Cong had something strange about him, he was fascinated by the money that the prophecy could bring, and several villagers escaped the disaster because of Jiang Cong’s prophecy.So he thought it was a good deed, too, and gave it no more thought.One day, a Taoist priest happened to pass by jiang’s door. He heard the neighbors saying, “That boy of Master Jiang’s family can tell everything exactly. Is he a celestial being coming down to earth?””No, I heard that master Jiang’s adopted son loves to eat raw meat. He eats several jins every day. Have you ever heard of gods who love to eat raw meat?I’m afraid it’s not a monster?””You whisper, master Jiang heard, will be angry, later don’t let you door.”As it turned out, there were still many villagers in the village, speculating about jiang Cong’s origin.Hearing the comments of the neighbors, the Taoist priest could not help frowning. He made up his mind and went into jiang’s house with all the others who wanted to see the “prodigy”.Now, jiang old man’s home has been changed from a small shabby house to a courtyard, the place is much bigger than before.Jiang Cong was sitting on a chair, staring at him.He looked exactly like the old Jiang in his youth.Seeing the Taoist priest, the old Jiang man could not help being surprised. He came up and made a salute: “Is it possible that the Taoist chief has also come to the old man’s house to ask for a prophecy?”The Taoist priest nodded and smiled, “Yes, poor Taoist heard about your child prodigy and thought that your child might have immortal roots.The poor way is to test your child with magic, and if your child is good enough, he will be accepted into your family.”Hearing this, the old man was overjoyed and led the Taoist priest into the house. He called Jiang Cong and said, “Son, let the Taoist priest show you a bone. Our family will have good luck!”Jiang Cong stared at the Taoist priest with the same expressionless stare.The Taoist priest nodded with a smile and suddenly took out a yellow symbol from his sleeve and stuck it on his forehead as fast as thunder could not cover his ears.Jiang Cong let out an inhuman scream and black smoke rose from his body. But after struggling for a moment, he fell straight down, becoming a thin, swarthy wooden man.The old Man was shocked by the change, but the Taoist Priest sighed and said, “Oh, it’s just as I expected!Have you been feeding him raw meat all these years?”The old man nodded, and the Taoist priest said, “Alas, you shouldn’t feed it raw meat. Do you know what it is?They are monsters called shadow spirits, with the ability to predict the future. They like to cling to wood and stone, and can transform themselves into those around them. They feed on raw meat and grow up with blood.When he becomes a man, those whom he transforms will die.”Surprised, jiang retreated a few steps and said, “You mean that such a monster has been around me for more than ten years?”The Taoist Priest nodded and said, “It’s a good thing we found it early. The monster hasn’t hurt anyone yet. Otherwise, after it kills you, it will kill others.”Hearing this, jiang thanked the Taoist Priest and gave him money.But the Taoist priest didn’t take any money, but used his magic to destroy the monsters and left.After the Taoist priest left, jiang old man gradually aging, aging rate much faster than others, within three months, he had a full head of white hair.Later, the old Man often told this story to the children in the village, warning them: do not be blinded by good luck and wealth, resulting in disaster.: This story is a fictional original folk story, based on folklore, strange tales, myths, stories, legends, etc., aimed at inheriting, expanding and developing Chinese folk cultural heritage, not linked to feudal superstition.