The wish of an auto repair shop: survive the “winter”, and wait for spring in three lanes and seven alleys

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“Who knows five willow solitary pine guest, but live between three lanes and seven lanes.”Today, the three lanes and seven alleys still retain the quaint charm of the white wall, which makes many Fuzhou people feel proud.Yu Qiu, who lives nearby, often takes her two daughters to sanfang and Qixiang every weekend when she is free to let them feel the cultural influence.Yu Qiu is a typical Fuzhou person, who has inherited the tradition of generations of Fuzhou people — business.In 2010, he and his wife opened a jewelry shop.With the birth of two daughters in succession, the wife’s energies were distracted.He did not have the heart to wife too tired, also do not want to miss the child’s growth time, they closed the shop, concentrate on being a “dad”.After his daughter entered primary school, Mr. Yu’s entrepreneurial spirit rekindled: this time, he planned to open a car maintenance shop.The reason is simple: there are a large number of private cars in the local area, and many owners are willing to spend money on car maintenance. He thinks this business is promising and can provide better living conditions for his family.But the industry is like a mountain, Yu Qiu spent a lot of time to learn the knowledge of car maintenance, and a car maintenance shop franchise fee, rent, water and electricity, decoration costs and other rough calculation down at least millions.Initially, Yu was slow to make up his mind, but in the first half of last year, the car maintenance brand he had been following relaxed its membership requirements.Yu Qiu thought of the opportunity, then resolutely took out the savings of more than 1.5 million yuan for many years, ready to realize their wish to open a shop.At first, his wife did not support his decision.On the one hand, 1.5 million is a large sum of money. With two children to support, it is too risky.Second, I was too busy looking for venues, decorating and recruiting workers. During most of the year, I went out early and returned late every day. Sometimes I could only go home late at night.At the end of 2021, the car maintenance shop was finally opened. Yu Qiu soon accumulated a number of loyal customers with meticulous services. At most, he could receive 40 car owners a day.He also calculated that his wife would need an average of 20 cars a day to maintain the store, and the revenue would balance out, so that it would take him three years to break even.”With a positive attitude, things go more smoothly;If you have a bad mentality, you will do bad things.”With Yu Qiu’s relief, his wife no longer objected.(Yu Qiu is busy in the store.) However, the good times did not last long. After the end of the year, Yu Qiu’s store fell into a cash flow crisis.”Two, March is the off-season of car maintenance, but there was an epidemic”, in the face of the epidemic again, yu Qiu is full of helplessness.Yu made a lot of phone calls, but many of the customers who had booked online lived in medium-high risk areas and could not travel;Guests in low-risk areas also kept their trips to a minimum.For more than half a month, the store’s daily customer flow was in the single digits, at least two cars a day.The lack of orders also affected the income of the maintenance staff. Yu Qiu could see the concern of the staff and took time to explain the current difficulties. “As a boss, you have to be responsible for the staff, and you will pay them on time no matter what.”With Yu Qiu’s encouragement, the 10 employees decided to stay and face the difficulties together.After appeasing the employees, hard expenses still weighed on Yu Qiu like a mountain. The cost of rent, salary and maintenance equipment combined was at least 110,000 yuan a month.In order to attract guests, Yu Qiu launched some free atomization disinfection services, but the effect is not obvious, after all, at present, people dare not walk too much outside.When it was hardest, Yu Qiu was ready to subsidize the store by delivering takeout food.But Yu Qiu is not alone.Many of his customers are small business owners. Under the epidemic, a group of old buddies have their own difficulties, and they are encouraging each other to persevere every day.During a casual chat, Yu Qiu learned from a local friend who runs a restaurant that Du Xiaoman is providing interest-free loans for small and micro businesses in high-risk areas of the epidemic for 12 months, with a maximum interest-free amount of 100,000 yuan. All you need to do is provide business license, shop lease contract and other certificates.You can apply on the wechat official account of “Duxiaoman Money Spend” or the Duxiaoman APP.In the spirit of giving it a try, he registered an account with his mobile phone and submitted an application, which quickly passed the review and borrowed 100,000 yuan with the coupon for interest-free repayment.With the help of the money, Yu Qiu was able to pay off the employees’ wages and rent of the store, and overcome a difficult situation.”As long as an industry can stick to it, there will be rewards, and it will be ok to go through this.But if you give up, it’s gone, and you’re afraid you can’t stick to it.”Now, Yu Qiu has more confidence to wait for the “spring”. In the future of his plan, he hopes to open a second or third store, and expand the store to support the life of his family.