To buy a car?Elected ford car, leading EV appearance level and wisdom coexist

2022-07-16 0 By

If you want to buy a new energy car, I think intelligence is a key link, so I started with the Ford car lingjie EV.Compared with ordinary new energy vehicles, the overall performance of The NeV is balanced. It not only has the appearance of the atmosphere, but also has rich configurations. At the same time, its endurance performance is very good.Many of my friends own Fords, so when deciding on a brand to buy a car, the first choice is Ford.Because I want to buy new energy vehicles, I don’t have too much requirement on the appearance level, but the leader EV still gives me enough scene.This Ford car has its own temperament, smooth and natural body lines, very sporty atmosphere, coupled with sharp headlights, looks very stylish and simple, every Angle is very nice, very fashionable to drive out.In addition to the appearance meeting my aesthetic requirements, the smart experience of the Ford EV is also very good, and it is a car that knows me well.With the help of the voice recognition system of IFlyTEK, the system equipped with The Leader EV can complete the interaction between the human car and the video voice, which can be easily evoked. When driving, you can talk with it at will, and you can inquire it whenever you don’t understand, which is very convenient.In addition, this Ford car is equipped with wechat in-car version, which can realize the continuous online wechat social communication through voice. During the whole journey, you can have any conversation without mobile phone, not miss every message, and every trip can be smart.In addition, the EV also has a smart phone key, which can start and unlock the vehicle remotely using only the phone without the car key. Moreover, it can open and close the window and open the trunk within the range of Bluetooth. After driving for a period of time, it really conquered me!Finally, let’s talk about the range performance of the Ford EV.I actually worried about the battery life and charging before I bought the car, but after I got the EV and drove it, I didn’t worry about such problems anymore.The EV’s range is very strong, with a range of up to 435 kilometers at high speeds, and the battery is very stable and durable.In addition, there are also many unique charging piles for Ford cars, which are densely covered in our four-tier small city. If you buy a Ford car, you don’t need to worry about the battery life and charging.It has been more than half a year since I picked up this Ford car, The outstanding appearance design, intelligent sense of science and technology, powerful battery life and so on have brought me many surprises. The whole vehicle has a very high cost performance ratio, which is really a pure electric SUV worth owning. Friends who want to buy new energy can have a look.