What kind of plant is nine leaves?

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It is a plant in the liliaceae family. It has a variable number of leaves and usually has 4 to 14 leaves rather than the seven leaves in its name.It is usually found in Southeast Asia and parts of southwest China and Taiwan.It likes humidity and usually grows about 2000 meters above sea level.Generally, two planting methods are adopted:The first is a direct use of seeds are planted, scarification, usually before planting the seeds one day in advance to soak in water overnight, facilitate timely planting after germination, then after sowing timely watering for nine leaf weight damp floor sexual xi, so want to keep the soil moist, otherwise easy to plant failure, at the same time need fertilization in time,Otherwise, the harvest may be affected because the plant is malnourished due to insufficient nutrients.The second planting method is because the first method has a high failure rate, because the seed has a long resting period, which leads to a low germination rate, so it will waste a lot of time and energy, so the root planting is used.Store healthy roots in the fall and winter and plant them in a bed of loose soil in March or April. Once the roots have germinated, plant them where you want to plant them.Once the transplant is complete, it will bear fruit around October, and both the fruit and the leaves can be used for a wide range of purposes.