Jd Health released an annual report with a total revenue of 30.68 billion yuan

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On March 28, 2022, JINGdong Health Co., LTD. (stock abbreviation: “Jingdong Health”, 6618.HK) released the announcement of 2021 annual results.As of December 31, 2021, jd Health had 123 million annual active users, a net increase of 33.56 million active users compared to 2020.During the reporting period, jd Health’s total revenue was 30.68 billion yuan, up 58.3% year on year, among which service revenue increased 72.7%.Non-ifrs net profit reached 1.40 billion yuan, up 91.5% year on year;Nationwide, the number of drug warehouses and non-drug warehouses increased to 19 and more than 400, respectively. 80% of self-run drug orders were delivered next day.Jingdong Health Internet Hospital receives more than 190,000 daily inquiries.During the reporting period, Beijing university pharmacy “proprietary drugs cold chain” has covered more than 200 cities across the country, in 2021, jingdong health and better than China, sanofi China, GuiLong pharmaceutical company, novartis, gilead sciences, paekche China well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to further deepen cooperation, several new drug firms apt at Beijing university pharmacy online first,And jointly explore a number of digital marketing projects.During the reporting period, jd Health online platform had more than 18,000 third-party merchants, which further improved the category richness and supply capacity of medicine and health products.All-channel service “JINGdong Medicine Urgent delivery” through the merchant self-distribution, platform distribution, city delivery and other ways to fulfill the contract, give full play to the efficiency of aggregation capacity, has joined hands with about 50,000 pharmacy stores, in more than 300 cities in the country to provide users with full time door-to-door delivery service.During the reporting period, JD Health successively established 9 specialized centers including infection and liver disease center, Brain nutrition Center and skin repair Center, bringing the total number of specialized centers to 27.Jingdong Health Internet Hospital has settled more than 45,000 doctors with associate chief physician titles or above.The daily number of online consultations has continued to rise to more than 190,000.During the reporting period, JINGdong Health also cooperated with a number of public hospitals to carry out smart hospital projects.In terms of promoting regional smart medical care and health information connectivity, JINGdong Health helps the national Medical security information platform to run smoothly in Suqian, achieving comprehensive coverage of all 3,347 designated medical institutions and designated pharmacies in Suqian, serving 5.29 million insured people in the city.Jingdong Health launched its “Jingdong Health Public Welfare Platform” in December 2021, covering a number of public welfare health services, including public welfare assistance, medical guidance, love medicine, online free diagnosis and so on.At the same time, jingdong Health helped alleviate the problems of rare disease diagnosis and medical treatment difficulty and drug availability by establishing “Jingdong Pharmacy Rare Disease Care Center” and “Jingdong Health Rare Disease Care Fund”.In 2021, a total of more than 24,000 patients with rare diseases purchased rare disease drugs required by JINGdong Health, and nearly 70% of them continued to obtain disease management services related to rare diseases through “Care Center for Rare Diseases of Jingdong Pharmacy”.Correspondent Su Jeong Source: Purple Cow News