LCK Sword King is back!Kiin as a background board ends in the most outrageous way

2022-07-17 0 By

Sword Emperor, Sword Emperor, former Griffin on the single, 2019 with the team to participate in the global finals, on the one hand because of the line Theshy sharp contrast of the evaluation of the collapse, on the other hand, the personal hatred between the year and Cvmax also became the fuse Griffin fell apart.After Griffin officially disbanded in early 2021, Sword went on hiatus and joined LCK’s BRO team at the end of the transfer period, becoming Morgan’s teammate.While Tarzan and Viper were successful on LPL, and Chovy and Lehends rose to fame on LCK, Sword King’s return this year reminded many of Griffin’s days as the star of today’s superstars.But sword emperor and other teammates are different, he not only has no advantage in age, and personal ability is really not strong, growth space is almost 0.How does the return of such a veteran start effect?Although sword Emperor and KiinKiin are not as good as before, but in this season LCK overall single environment is weak, even team 1-4, his data is still ranked first and second in South Korea.However, the sword emperor obviously had no advantage against Kiin, and in the first 20 minutes of the line period was cleared by more than 60 gap.Griffin is 60 bucks behind 2 levels and most of the players have potential, except for King Of the Sword, because he’s not part of the young and promising group.To say that the peak of words, S8 sword emperor is really not like this, he had a sign is this hero Jess.But since the 2019 incident and Theshy’s sharp contrast, Sword has been on a downward spiral.In fact, strictly speaking, Kiin’s play today is not very good, although the supplement was suppressed, but the early also played 0-2-1 ugly data.The most ridiculous thing is that KDF’s big advantage failed to push BRO in a wave, and then was destroyed by the anti-regiment after the sword Emperor demolition home to win!Sword emperor direct demolition home end to say now LCK in the past 4 years only 1 crown is not unreasonable, play is really a little let people do not understand.Games often drag on for as long as 40 minutes, with dominant and underdog teams swapping roles all the time.It is called “operation”, but in fact, the way and ability to finish the competition are too poor and slow. That is why LCK only GenG is a strong team.Because they usually snowball very fast and play a style closer to LPL’s top teams.Even T1 and DK have stinky, long drawdowns.Sword King used Kiin as a backdrop to win his first victory since the first game, and he was alone in the end, this kind of outcome is how many people did not expect.But then again, neither of them played very well.Sword emperor early line was broken, Kiin group war various sleepwalking, eight catties and a half.So, this year LCK single is a soft spot, the overall environment is too weak.Nuguri summer is not coming back, we are confident LPL is stronger than LCK.= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = u horseshoe original game, commercial reproduced prohibited without permission has long thank you for your support and great kindness to the attention of your encouragement is our continuously updated