Latest announcement!Nucleic acid screening was carried out among key populations in Jizhou District

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27 evening thistle obviously by epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notification regarding the conduct key crowd DNA screening the general residents friend: recently, the domestic COVID – the more distributed and local outbreak of 19, tianjin outbreak has not yet subsided, linked to the development zone is adjacent to Beijing and hebei province occurred epidemic, prevention and control situation is still grim.In order to detect potential Novel Coronavirus infections as soon as possible, control the epidemic in a timely manner and ensure the health and safety of the general population to the greatest extent, the District Prevention and control Headquarters has decided to carry out novel Coronavirus nucleic acid screening in key populations.1. Screening time 7:00-11:00, January 28, 2022 (Friday)Cold-chain employees, people living together with cold-chain employees, and cold-chain enterprise managers 3.Truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, station workers, commuters 4.Residents within 100 meters around the isolation point iii. Screening sites Designated screening sites in townships (streets) and parks (see the table below).During the screening, participants are requested to take their ID cards to the designated sampling sites to ensure that all samples are checked.During the sampling period, please take the initiative to maintain the order of the site, wear masks properly, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, do not walk around the sampling site, and do not enter other areas of the sampling site without authorization.Stay at home immediately after the test and go out after the results are released.Non-screening personnel should not go to the screening site to avoid clustering and cross-infection.Residents please do not panic, actively cooperate, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, maintain normal work and life order.Thank you for your cooperation and support to the epidemic prevention and control work!We hereby inform you.List of designated screening sites in towns (streets) and parks of Jizhou District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on January 27, 2022 comprehensive: Jinyun, Dianjizhou Review: Wang Xiaoyun edited: Wang Zhuo