Market value evaporated over 250 billion yuan, what happened to Ningde Era?Is there money in new energy?

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With the end of the lunar New Year holiday, stock market has begun to “open”, as we all know, the first stock market also gives many people a whine, even some netizens said “finished the year-end bonuses are deficient”, afterwards, the stock market seems to be some change, many investors have high hopes for the stock market in succession, are rubbing their hands to select a most suitable time to bottom.However, contrary to the general red stock market after the holiday, the new energy giant Ningde era of crazy drop, the opening of the year connected with three trading days of “falling”, not only let many investors asset shrinkage, but also caused the outside world for the company’s prospects.Ningde era in value since December 2020, more than 200 billion yuan of the era of ningde began to enter the fall in share prices, on February 10, briefly fell below 500 yuan integer level on the same day, as the gem market value inside the only nompany enterprise, the era of ningde shares for gem index influence is very big,The joint impact of the day’s gem index fell nearly 2 percent.If single ningde era’s share price in recent months, all the way from highs of $692 per share fell to 508 yuan per share, in now just a few months is lost more than 250 billion, shares plunged in volume and let the market, each person with a different point of view, the interpretation of the era of ningde crash out all sorts of messages.So much so that ningde officials had to issue a statement to clarify the rumors.The announcement helped briefly, and ningde’s share price appeared to rebound a bit, rising 3.68 percent to close at 508 yuan on Feb. 14.Where will share prices go in the Ningde era?From the current situation, although the market value of the evaporation of more than 250 billion, but the current trend has not stopped falling.In the whole year of 2021, Ningde times built no less than six new factories and increased the investment scale of power batteries. The vacancy in China’s lithium battery market made Ningde Times continue to expand. In the outside world, Ningde Times intended to match the high market valuation through expansion.From the ningde times disclosed 2021 annual performance, the company is expected to net profit of 14 billion yuan to 16.5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 150.75% to 195.52%, from this figure, the result is very ideal, if successfully realized will be ningde times since the listing of the highest level of profit in a year.But for ningde era itself, both at home and abroad, the pressure of competition is very big, sitting in a leading position always faces to catch up with pressure from all sides, such as the biggest rival South Korea’s LG new energy has recently been listed, and is almost one year since the world’s second large-scale IPO, capital force behind the large,With such support, THE CEO of LG New Energy sounded as if he was sure to catch up with Ningde in public.Is there money in new energy?Relevant agency statistics, in 2021 the global list of power battery installed capacity, the first is the era of ningde, and this is for five consecutive years ningde times remain the top of the global power battery location, market share up to 32.6% in 2021, with business expanding, the era of ningde factory also have sprung up in various locations in build up,Up to now, there are 10 ningde era production bases around the world.Once the hot new energy circuit of leading enterprises, known as the “king of the lithium electricity,” said the ningde rose under capital for crazy times, the rapid progress of new energy industry, valuations are also growing, although in carbon carbon neutral background, new energy future is bright, but the era of ningde straight down,And many investors have to start thinking carefully about their investments.For the big drop of Ningde Times, some people think that the valuation of Ningde Times itself was too high before, this wave of decline is just the market repair of valuation, and the new energy industry still has a bright future.However, there are also different views that although the prospect of new energy enterprises is very good, the threshold of the industry has always existed, such as battery life, low temperature energy storage and automatic driving bottleneck has not been broken, so the high valuation of the new energy industry still exists bubble.For Ningde Times, the current market value evaporation is uncomfortable, and many institutions are also constantly singing short Ningde Times, it is very difficult to reverse the short-term market sentiment, that is to say, The adjustment of Ningde Times stock price is still not over, and there is still room for decline.In the face of aggressive competitors, Ningde times needs to develop a new generation of batteries first, in order to break through the bottleneck of the current industry battery, and participate in the layout of the upstream and downstream industry chain of new energy vehicles, as long as they continue to grow stronger, the stock price will match their own strength.This article is originally produced by Cailiao, please do not reprint without permission.Offenders will be prosecuted!