Remove both guns completely?After CJ was sent to pelicans, lillard trade restarted, Harden said in advance

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On the morning of February 9, Shams Charania broke the news that CJ McCollum was leaving Portland, where his career dream began, after the Blazers reached a multi-player trade with the Pelicans.The Portland Trail Blazers will offer CJ, Nance jr., snell, and the Pelicans will offer Hart, Satoransky, Alexander Walker, Silver, one first-round pick, and two second-round picks.Anyone who has been closely following NBA trade trends knows that with CJ’s departure, the Torn City will officially enter its next rebuilding phase.It is important to note that the current evidence, the blazers management does not intend to surrounding Mr Rudd continues to build team, in order to give potential nova Ann Fanny – simmons more exercise, the blazers a voice from within, former backcourt double gun combination (the radmanovic + CJ) will be thoroughly removed, CJ is the blazers to the pelican,Trade talks for Lillard have resumed.According to reports from reporters like Jamal Collier and Bobby Marks, the Blazers are more willing to negotiate a trade for Lillard with the Lakers, Nets, and Knicks than the Lions are with the 76ers.So far, all three teams have made preliminary offers, with the Lakers acquiring Westbrook, Tucker, a 2027 first-round pick, and several second-round picks.Nets leverage harden/Irving, Thomas, Claxton, several second-round picks;The Knicks have kemba Walker, Fournier, Burks, and one or two first-round picks.It is understood that the Blazers have decided to tear down the structure of the current roster, so they are not demanding results in the short term, so they are willing to take on either the out-of-form Westbrook or the offensive irving.In addition, the recent news source said that during the nets in a row, harden against teammate controversial behavior, plus 76 people have been fanning the flames, harden the nets trade will become more intense, but that doesn’t mean harden’s 76 people once, because the nets are actively listening to offers for other, more crucially,The Sixers’ priorities are clearly behind the Blazers, Kings and others.Finally, harden’s thoughts on the trade rumors. While the Nets and Harden have been pushing back against them lately, many teams still believe harden is ready to leave.According to an NBA team executive, Conrad in the nets quotation on this one problem, harden choice in advance, as you said in the front, supports the nets management work at the same time, insist they are not willing to harden to the edge of a playoff team, this view the blazers and Kings of these two basic directly ruled out potential buyers.In fact, in the eyes of many insiders, even if Harden does not say, the Nets are going to move Irving first, after all, Harden has worked hard for a season and a half, but often special situations Irving, the most likely to become the Nets trade Lillard’s core chip.Do you think the Nets will part ways with Harden in the next few days?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and thank you for reading and following.