Rong County held “thousands of teachers visit thousands of households” home visit activities report

2022-07-17 0 By

“Home visits to me will never come to an end, but will surely accompany my educational career for the rest of my life.Home visits to me are like a row of stairs that let me walk towards my child and lead him to higher and farther.Home visit to me, is a bundle of sunshine, let me illuminate the child, lead him to the future also do not forget home.Home visit to me, is a sailing boat, let me sail to my child, pull his life on the wind and waves straight sail.”April 1, my county held “thousands of teachers visit thousands of households” home visit activity report, from Gaoshan town is an school teacher Xu Xiaoqian said at the report meeting.County education and sports bureau and the county each school responsible person to attend.At the report meeting, 8 teacher representatives reported to the participants from their own experience in carrying out home visiting activities and their own feelings and experiences.It is understood that the county carried out the “thousands of teachers to visit thousands of households” home visit activities close the distance between school and family, home school co-education, healthy growth of students to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere.Through home visits, the majority of teachers have more clear responsibility on their shoulders, enhance the awareness of caring for students, and the harmonious education situation of home-school cooperation and co-education is gradually showing.After the report, for the next “thousands of teachers visit thousands of households” home visit activities.The meeting required the county education system to carry out regular home visits to key students follow-up;Home visit should be well prepared, targeted education;We should use love home visit to enhance the temperature and emotion of education.(By Hu Wei/photo and text)