Semi trailer on fire, Hunyuan traffic police rushed to rescue

2022-07-17 0 By

At 3:00 am on February 8, 2022, a truck caught fire near the expressway Tangtoukou toll station. Hunyuan Traffic Police brigade rushed to the rescue after receiving the police.The branch squadron quickly organized the police rushed to the scene, and informed the police who were on duty at the tangtoukou epidemic checkpoint for early disposal.The scene of a heavy semi-trailer loaded with milk has been tightly surrounded by smoke, police are evacuating the scene stranded vehicles and drivers.Squadron police immediately set up a warning area, after confirming no casualties, to assist the fire fighting personnel to participate in the fire, grab unloading goods.After two hours of multi-agency response, the fire was effectively brought under control, the large truck was safely towed away from the scene and the road resumed normal traffic.The cause of the fire is under investigation.