Sixth grade Chinese Spring Festival composition 600 words

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The Spring Festival in grade six, the children’s face showed the special happiness of the Spring Festival, the adults a year tired to get comfort, how important the Spring Festival is!Walking in a rich Spring Festival atmosphere on the street, everywhere decorated, each tree hung with big red lanterns, the market bustling with people are wearing thick cotton-padded jacket, mouth and nose before a white air slowly rising.People in the market are carrying New Year goods, holding flowers, holding orange trees, holding dolls, the scene is very lively, face are full of good news of the Arrival of the Spring Festival.Back home, a neighbor of three are cleaning, my mother busy said to me: “while now idle, we also began to clean the back room!”I nodded knowingly, my mother gave me a pair of latex gloves and towels, and then the two of us went to work in full swing.First wipe the door, then wipe the window, soon my mother and I will put the whole house inside and outside the house are cleaned spotless, so that more can show the custom of the New Year new atmosphere.New Year’s Eve morning we want to tear down all the Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” last year, put on the newly bought, this is called the old welcome.In the evening, families gather together to have the Family Reunion dinner. People who work outside also go back home. There will be a lot of dishes in the family Reunion dinner.The New Year’s Eve is the last night of the old year. Everyone must stay up until the New Year, except children and the old.In the morning our family size is going to go to relatives, to relatives home New Year, of course, relatives will come to my house so it is necessary to arrange a few days to relatives, but also have a few days to stay at home to entertain relatives and friends, after the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, the protagonist of the Lantern Festival is tangyuan, tangyuan means round.The Spring Festival represents China’s long history, culture and rich folk customs. The Spring Festival has an indispensable position in the hearts of the Chinese people.In our China there is one of the most solemn, the most grand, the most lively festival, called the Spring Festival.Every Spring Festival, the whole country is prosperous, festive.In the 27 to 29 days, everyone is in the cleaning, paste couplets and some small ornaments.But these items, without exception, are all red.Because red represents auspiciousness, happiness and safety in China.So in the Spring Festival, whether in the street, at home will be a sea of red.On New Year’s Eve, it is the busiest day.What are you up to?Is busy cooking New Year’s Eve dinner!The New Year’s Eve dinner is also called the Reunion dinner. On New Year’s Eve, no matter how busy people are outside, they all go home to have the reunion dinner.So on this day, as long as you come to the food market or restaurant, you will see a sea of people.In the evening, every household will float out the aroma of food and thick affection.On the first day of the New Year, there is no such lively New Year’s Eve, because everyone is resting!But the first day of the New Year there is an important task, that is – New Year.Children like this day most during Spring Festival, because they can receive red envelopes.Every day, I always go to the west club to receive red envelopes.But if you want to receive more, the mouth must be enough “sweet”, see people must shout: “Kung hei Fat Choi, happiness and well-being” and so on, bless others can be happy New Year.At this time, the Lantern Festival also came.In my family, grandma always makes tangyuan with me.In the evening, we eat dumplings with the whole family, very lively!My sister took me to see the lanterns in the streets, and every time she saw the beautiful lanterns, she would cry out and clap her hands and laugh sometimes.After the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival has come to an end, everyone returned to work, and we have to continue to go to school.Spring Festival is my favorite festival, because every time our family will get together, and parents will be free to accompany us!The Spring Festival, every family is decorated, beaming.This year’s Spring Festival, I had a particularly interesting.I remember it vividly to this day.In the morning, our family got busy.Mother pasted Spring Festival couplets on the door.What greeted my eyes was “Rili Spring permanent, and fuyong stay”.It means peace and happiness in the family.As for me, I helped my mother stick the word “fu” and was about to stick it on the door.Mother hurriedly stop me, said: “the word ‘fu’ should be inverted, is’ fu ‘to homophonic, blessing to our home.Spring Festival couplets are festive, rich, auspicious meaning.”As soon as I heard, I quickly put the word “fu” upside down.Dad is also carefully prepared, hung yizhanzhan red lanterns.I think: this red lantern does not represent the face of our motherland in changing with each passing day?In the evening, it’s time to have dinner on New Year’s Eve.The kitchen was perfumed;There was a sumptuous dinner on the table, which made people’s mouth water.There is a fish in the middle of the table.Guests are also arrived, happily sitting at the table, with relish to taste the New Year’s Eve dinner.Mom and dad greeted the guests with smiles.The whole family was happy and the house was full of happiness.After dinner, grandma to bonus package!Our family has a small agreement, the junior people got a certificate, not only a red envelope, there will be other rewards.This year, I was rated as “three good student”.Grandmother will give me a red envelope, but also gave me a beautiful pencil case.Encourage me in the New Year, academic performance to a higher level.The children all received the red envelopes and had bright smiles on their faces.At eight o ‘clock in the evening, our family turned on the TV on time to watch the Spring Festival Gala.The melodious song, make people intoxicated;The graceful dance, so that people praise;The funny funny jokes, make people laugh;The wonderful crosstalk sketch, make people laugh…Laughter rippled over the living room.This year’s Spring Festival, I had a very meaningful.I hope next Spring Festival, I will have a better!