Suitable for the baby when complementary food fruit, a day, arranged

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When the baby was just born, the mother has to get up from dawn to dusk to feed the child, this time is hard work of the body, at least do not worry about what the child eats.When the child is 4~6 months old, the trouble comes again.At this time, children can add complementary food.Children eat complementary food, too early too late is not good.What to eat is even more of a problem.Today, we have summarized some fruits suitable for the baby as supplementary food, suggest a small amount of consumption, if the baby does not have allergies, you can rest assured to the baby to eat.These foods are best pounded to eat, a baby to eat only one, not easy to choke, but also convenient to observe allergic reactions.Apple: apple is rich in dietary fiber, beat apple mud to baby food, not only can help their intestines and stomach more healthy, but also can supplement rich vitamins.To eat it, cut it into pieces first, steam it until soft and crush it with a spoon to make sure the size doesn’t choke your child.Conditional families, it is best to use juice machine to stir into a complete fruit puree state to the baby to eat.Banana: banana also contains rich vitamins, its texture is very soft, suitable for the baby to eat.When moms and dads make puree, simply press the puree and feed it with a spoon.If it is a larger baby, directly after peeling, let them catch their own eating, but also can train the baby’s grasp ability, kill two birds with one stone.Kiwi fruit: Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, sour and sweet to eat, very popular with children.When choosing kiwi fruit, be sure to choose the ones that are completely ripe.Cord Blood Bank of Sichuan, Unsplash