Zu Jungong went to Suma Park to carry out the activity of “Visiting thousands of enterprises in spring And helping solve problems”

2022-07-17 0 By

According to the requirements of the provincial “Spring Festival visit thousands of enterprises, help solve problems” and the unified deployment of the city, on the morning of February 15th, The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Of Zujun Gong went to Suma Park to carry out “Spring Festival visit thousands of enterprises, help solve problems” activities, listen to the aspirations of enterprises, understand the demands of enterprises, and strive to solve the worries of enterprises.Zu Jungong requested suma Park to strive to create a high-quality business environment, to do a good job in serving enterprises, to increase the economic development power of the park, and to promote the improvement of economic quality, expansion and efficiency.Zu Jungong and his delegation came to Anhui Dushun Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., Taisheng (Suzhou) Daily Necessities Co., LTD., wanchuang Environmental Protection Co., LTD., to understand the production and operation of the enterprise in detail, and coordinate to solve the difficult problems of the enterprise.Then in the cema Park management committee meeting room, received the visiting ten enterprise leaders.In the interview, from enterprise recruitment to loan financing, from public support to policy implementation, Zu Jungong carefully listened to the problems and difficulties existing in the development of enterprises, together with the relevant departments of Cema to think of ways, countermeasures, and strive to solve the actual difficulties and problems.Zu Jungong required that all departments in the park should take the initiative to serve and take the initiative to enter the enterprise and try every means to break the bottleneck and solve the problems for the enterprise to stimulate the vitality of enterprise development.To open up ideas, solid and effective work style, to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises.All members of the park should work together to create a first-class business environment, boost the confidence of enterprises, and boost the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises with high-quality services, so as to make them bigger and stronger.(Liu Wenqing)