Agong Daily 2022.2.18: CDPR officially refuted the rumor: We really don’t have a subway system

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We really don’t have a subway system!!”The Original God” scored one more point and won SensorTower’s best open world mobile game. “Subway: Departure” sold 6 million units worldwide on Steam, and “Gun Fire”, a popular FPS meat pigeon game, was launched in May.Just yesterday, no Man’s Sky released a promo for its massive new update, SENTINEL.No Man’s Sky producer Sean Murray says the game is not finished yet. After 19 major updates, the game is far from finished. There is still a long way to go.After gamers marveled at its excellent “after sales” service and compared it to the 2077, CDPR officials went down on the bandit today.Because a while back there were some rumors that a subway system had been spotted in cyberpunk 2077 in the works.Marcin Momot, CDPR’s global director of community, today refute the rumors, saying, “I’m sorry to be the rumorkiller, but it’s not true, and there are no plans to add the subway system to the game.”Yu-gi-oh! Yesterday, yu-Gi-oh! Launched a lucrative Super Cup event, in which players can only play against each other using super cards, with a separate card limit.However, after participating in the event, players found that even if they lost, they would get 50 points, so the “Wrecking contest” suddenly appeared.The players’ “self-destruct teams” appear in the game, and instead of the normal 10 minutes, the self-destruct teams can reset their LP to 0 in a minute or two.At present, “self-burst card group” has been on the hot push trend, and derived not to let the “self-burst card group” easily died “blood card group”;A “reverse card Pack” disguised as a “self-destruct card pack” to complete OTK while you are off guard;And the “rapid self-imploding card set” that is more insidethan the ordinary “self-imploding card set”.Recently, based on the estimated data from Sensor Tower platform, we have selected the Chinese publishers and their apps that have made outstanding achievements in the domestic and overseas markets in the past year.The Original God was named best open world mobile game.Other winners are as follows: Best Open World Game: Original God, Best IP mobile game: Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens, Best MOBA mobile game overseas: Infinity War, Best New Game worldwide: Pokemon Build, Best Innovative mobile game in a Genre: State of Survival, Best Operating mobile game:SensorTower also released its top three mobile games by mobile revenue in January, followed by PUBG M and Honour of Kings.Metro: Departure’s parent company, metro: Departure, has announced that 4A Games’ Metro: Departure has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.As player and media widely acclaimed in the game, the subway leave is the orthodox sequel to the subway series, the main half open world exploration and role-playing game, the end of each chapter are associated with the choice of players, and will affect the game’s end, more heavily last days in combat stress and sense of urgency, players must move slowly be cautious.Video card gone, he’s worth it!!The Steam million selling port, The Chinese-style FPS fusion Roguelite adventure game “Gun Fire Rise mobile Game” will officially launch in May 2022.Gunfire is a mobile adventure game that combines first-person shooting, Roguelite randomness, and RPG strategy choices.In the game, players can manipulate heroes of different abilities to Build a variety of Build plays, and use randomly dropped weapons to take risks in random levels.You can play solo or in groups of up to four.Kakao Games and LionHeart Studio have announced that the cross-platform open world game Odin: Rebellion will be available for beta testing in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on February 25.Odin: Apostate is a fascinating story of a man and a god working together and often at odds.The theme of the upcoming war is set against the backdrop of Odin, the king of gods in Norse mythology, and Yeongnyeongjeon, where soldiers fight every night.The four main classes are warrior, mage, ranger, and priest, and each class can use two base weapons.Players can have various adventures on the vast map.