Central and private enterprises join hands to seek revitalization and development

2022-07-18 0 By

On the afternoon of January 24, 2022, PowerChina Sichuan Engineering Co., LTD, Chengdu Qipei Anti-Hydrophobics Engineering Technology Research Institute and Tielong (Chengdu) Carbon Co., LTD held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in the conference hall on the 9th floor of the headquarters building of PowerChina Sichuan Engineering Co., LTD.Luo Aiguo, Minister of Public Relations of China Association of Forestry and Environment Promotion, Qin Feng, Secretary General of Sichuan Rural Revitalization Industry Research Institute, Wang Chunlin, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Rural Revitalization Foundation, Huang Liangyi, director of State Power Investment Group and others attended the signing ceremony upon invitation.Signing ceremony at the scene of the Chinese turbine group, sichuan engineering co., LTD., party secretary of the party committee, executive director of the soldier said in his speech, participate in the country revitalization is a major responsibility of central enterprises, into the country revitalization is the company priority project construction, the signing ceremony in the New Year of the company’s first important activities, is of great significance.Hope to work together with all parties, give full play to their respective advantages, actively and rural revitalization of effective connection, to explore a new path, the effective rural revitalization of the new model, make a real, stand up to practice and historical inspection, the masses of rural revitalization of high-quality goods project, a dream country together, write a new chapter for the development.It is understood that the signing of the two private enterprises chengdu Kaipei anti-hydrophobicity Engineering technology Research Institute and Tielong (Chengdu) carbon Co., Ltd. have leading international and domestic or domestic first patented technology, they have a common technical characteristics is “energy conservation, environmental protection, green ecology”.Chengdu Qipei anti-thinning engineering technology Research Institute president Jing Qipei introduced the company’s technical characteristics and achievements to all parties, and even promised to use the company’s patented products if not up to the expected effect, the cost of the company’s own bear the “beautiful agreement”.At the signing ceremony, all parties exchanged views on how to strengthen the complementarity of business advantages and synergize rural revitalization, and reached consensus on further cooperation.In the new journey of rural revitalization, we need the joint efforts of all parties. The signing of this strategic agreement demonstrates the responsibility of central and private enterprises to assist rural revitalization. They will join hands, complement each other with their own advantages and work together.(Photo/text provided by Power China Sichuan Engineering Co., LTD.)