“Help” hidden behind the police suspect out

2022-07-18 0 By

On April 7, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Gucheng County, the north of the city police station after careful investigation, will be suspected of stealing two mobile phone suspects Tang mou arrested.And let this suspect give away the game, is his initiative “help”.April 3 at 19:00, the north of the city police station received the area xiao reported to the police that he was working in the backyard of the home, two mobile phones on the indoor table charging, the result of the work mobile phone but disappeared.After receiving the police, the north City police station immediately started the “small case” working mechanism to launch an investigation.Through the reporter Xiaomou’s inquiry, the police found that after the loss of mobile phones, the same village of Tang mou active performance, and had put forward paid help to find mobile phones.After xiao paid 310 yuan, he successfully helped retrieve one of the phones.This clue made the police suspicious.Through careful investigation, the police found tang suspicion is larger, immediately summoned tang to verify the situation.After a three-hour interrogation and legal policy publicity, Tang realized his mistake and confessed to stealing the phone.Originally, on March 27, Tang took xiaomou home door open, into the xiaomou home, xiaomou on the table of 2 mobile phones stolen, but unable to unlock the use.He then overheard Xiao mentioned to others that the phone was lost, and asked for compensation to help them find the phone.At present, 2 mobile phones have been recovered and returned, the suspect Tang has been gucheng County public Security Bureau to take criminal compulsory measures.(Xiangyang Daily all media reporter Huang Jinjing)