In order to join the CPTPP, Tsai Ing-wen accepted Japan’s nuclear food, and “Taiwan has no children” was heard throughout the island

2022-07-18 0 By

According to Taiwan media, Taiwan authorities announced on February 8 that they decided to fully lift restrictions on food imports from Japan, including products from Japan’s Fukushima prefecture and five other prefectures.Since the massive earthquake in Japan caused the fukushima nuclear leakage accident, food in Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Chiba five prefectures has been blacklisted by most countries and regions, let alone foreign people, Japanese local people will try their best to avoid eating products from these places.In recent years, Japan has been trying to restore the trust of the outside world in Japanese agricultural and fishery products, and vigorously praised the “Fukushima products”. After years of efforts, no progress has been made. After all, we are not fools, knowing that there is a tiger in the mountain and preferring tiger mountain, but Taiwan’s coming out this time is undoubtedly a big help to Japan.In order to achieve its own political goals, Taiwan does not even want to protect the basic security of life and property of the Taiwan people.According to media reports, Taiwan authorities can make such a decision mainly because it can exchange Japan’s support for Taiwan to join the CPTPP.A spokesman for Tsai ing-wen later confirmed this, adding that joining the CPTPP would enable Taiwan to better integrate with the international community.According to Abe at his party meeting, Tsai actually called him as early as last month.In a phone call, he said the Taiwanese authorities had made the decision to lift restrictions and thanked Mr. Abe for his support in the process.This is nothing less than collusion and collusion to defraud the People of Taiwan. When the news was announced, the people of the island were in an uproar.In response, former health officials in Taiwan angrily criticized the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) for its own political gain, at the cost of Taiwan on the path of “terminating children”.In fact, the Taiwan authorities had previously held a referendum to liberalize restrictions on food imports from Fukushima and other places. At that time, 7.79 million people opposed it, so the matter was not settled. Unexpectedly, the Taiwan authorities took the liberty of directly reaching a “consensus” with Japan this time.Now people in Taiwan have gone wild, to know that just two days ago, Japan’s Atomic Energy Disaster Response Headquarters just announced that some fish in Fukushima exceeded the radioactive cesium activity, more than 14 times the Japanese food hygiene standards, Japan has stopped domestic sales of some fish products from Fukushima.In recent years, with China’s containment of Taiwan, the regime has had a difficult time.Not only has “Taiwan independence” funds been seriously affected, but the status of the Taiwan authorities in the international community has also been continuously reduced.Despite the support of the United States, Taiwan’s international status has already been reduced. Now, Taiwan authorities have made such a decision in the hope of becoming active in the international community after joining the CPTPP.However, the Taiwanese authorities may have forgotten that although there are many pro-American countries in the CPTPP, there are also many countries that have good relations with China.Under the CPTPP rules, Taiwan cannot enter the CPTPP if only one of the countries opposes it.It is cold-blooded for the Taiwanese authorities to sacrifice the lives of the entire island’s population for the slightest hope of joining.Under such a government, the happiness and safety of the Taiwanese people cannot be guaranteed at all.We hope that the righteous people on the island will work actively. Only by returning to the embrace of the motherland can Taiwan truly live a happy life.