Judging from the birthday, will your child be admitted to the ideal school?

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Dear teacher, my daughter is now in the third grade of high school, facing the college entrance examination this year, I feel this year is very nervous, very worried about the child’s future, I feel I have a little anxiety, but still want to know the child’s future learning direction, what will be better in the future employment?What the child learns now is literature and science, what kind of school can she take an examination of later, what major is read later good?Can be admitted to the ideal school?Will I develop better if I study abroad in the future?My daughter was born at 0:20 a.m. on September 29, 2004 according to the lunar calendar.Thank you, teacher.Teacher reply, you were born in Jiashen year, yi hai month, Jiawu, YI Sishi, dayun Jiaxu, Decyou, renshen, Xin Wei, gengwu, qisi, wuchen, Ding MAO, now decyou in the transport.First of all, the analysis of birthday happy avoid, you yen a wood was born in the month of hai to make, sit afternoon fire lost, dry years a b wood to help, comprehensive with the body wang judgment, fire soil for like to use, water and wood for avoid.Second analysis of birthday static information, 1, jiawu male column, jiamu is the first of the twelve branches, people dispute, generous, rich spirit of hard-working, have a strong ability to develop, can bear hardships and forge ahead.Years of life, and the flourishing life bureau has food injury spit show, can from the text, also can from the wu, and a lot of life opportunities, there is no lack of nobles to help with, the girl’s future can be.Dynamic information are in the final analysis, is now at 13 and 23 decyl unitary luck, decyl water biological development of bad luck, concentration, easy to cause the learning results fluctuate, dine, fortunately, unitary gold with life bureau have fire, have to leave the wounded officer upon shef like, shows that in the future, if you would fully development and talent show is very helpful in learning.Can the child be admitted to the ideal school?Can be admitted, the reason is that this year renyin, is the time of the children’s college entrance examination, Yin wood and life bureau noon fire arch fire, to show their talent has a strong helping role, can be admitted to their ideal school, suggest that children study hard review, strive to be admitted to a higher level of institutions of higher learning.When you were 23 to 33 years old, you took ren-Shen yun to help the fortune of jinshui Xiangsheng. You ignored the development of fortune and had many obstacles in your career. However, at this time, you have just stepped into the society and need to learn some things by yourself.33 years old to 43 years old xin wei yun, is the official xin jin outside transparent, work is conducive to talent, financial prosperity has been improved, income increases, in addition, if you learn to learn financial management, there will be a windfall oh, suggest you work to face reality, low-key form can avoid small people, affect your ability to play.From 43 years old to 53 years old, if you grasp it well, you can be promoted and raised, because geng Jin and life bureau yi Geng, there is a combination of killing into power, is the meaning of power.Need to pay attention to is that the contradiction between this time and her husband is more, to do business and family is not wrong is the right way, because noon fire for injury officer, injury officer is specialized in restraining her husband star, as long as the husband and wife communicate in time, the marriage will not be too big.From the age of 53 to 63, it is helpful for the development of wealth, because it is in harmony with the fate of a and oneself, and the fire is out of show, and the god makes money, if you work hard, the income is good.In addition, the old age of life, food and clothing, family harmony and happiness.Suggestions, recently the child learning has a certain impact, grades ups and downs, as a mother to have a good talk with the child, heart-to-heart chat, to help the child to release pressure, let the child have to rely on and accompany, the child’s mood is helpful, the performance of the promotion of power.