Snow day safe travel to send you steady happiness

2022-07-18 0 By

Snow today if can with this lifetime will altogether hoary head yesterday the first snow of the year of the tiger magnificently qiao Today meet with milo’s romantic valentine’s day is in the wind snow guard you well 360 degrees at a checkpoint in the “beautiful snow” visit a hint on the way to prevent gas poisoning Although protection from sorghum is 360 degrees But often run in the snow Who can not fallYesterday’s snow to the small partners are making preparations for the festival today raised the difficulty coefficient of travel Slippery road It is difficult to keep the gentleman poise Not only that Driving is it devilishly hard to drift is inevitable Experienced a small accident Everyone must calmly Call 122 to report in time few words said Small make up for all your travel safety bible todayI hope these driving tips give you a steady happiness source: branch command Office Editor: Liang Yunxiao yuan Siyu Review: Wang Jiepeng