The whole province notices commendation!Changde 39!

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On February 17, the Leading Group for Rural Work of hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) issued a notice to commend the provincial-level model villages of beautiful villages and featured high-quality villages in 2021.A total of 30 villages in Changde were selected as “provincial beautiful village Demonstration village” and 9 villages won the title of “provincial characteristic boutique village”. Come and see if there is your hometown?Beautiful countryside demonstration village (301) chang DE city at the provincial level (30) dingcheng district town home vicious shi village anxiang Xie Jia shop deep liu town, protect community concession for the three holy township goat village west dongting administrative wish xinfeng Peng Jiazhou linli fix zhao xiang mei town village willow lake tourist resort town of crane moon community Li County big weir Dang town nine prosperous village town of dingcheng district of lawn in maple bridge township onfall hanshou the nie mouth village homeLinli XinGang town, four wins village concession xiu ping king wood village town of tianjin city white white temples community taoyuan county road bridge town village township linli must breakdown creek bridge village anxiang ankang township shrimp on Nao loess slope of the peach garden tourism administrative zone shangri-la town village Li County ChengTou hills home zhan gang village concession for chu river longfeng street community, the west lake district west state rural village of emerging breakout MaLong Village He Jiashan continentsHanshou county town of rock Wang Hu fruit mountain village of taoyuan county tea guan town SongYang ping village shop anxiang DaHuKou town emerging fort village Li County li west street is that high road shop village anxiang HuangShanTou Town Ding Fu village town embrasured watchtower village dingcheng district tianjin city mauri lake Xie Jia town antlers ping village shop taoyuan county Yang Xi bridge town rock we creek village wuling district they shan smartweed son ping village linli stop string crossing the town Peng Jiahe village provincial rural characteristic high-quality goods (100)) chang DE city (9) linli measure city bridge town Chiang family village town triangle pile village Li County dingcheng district lawn li village south, the peak is peach garden tourism administrative zone peach garden soup home town village three ChaHe anxiang town MeiJiaZhou village willow lake tourist resort town of crane shop XiaoWu tianjin city goldfish mark village street west lake district town Newport west lake village, west village administrative zone wish xinfeng felt hat in dongting lake source:Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Changde all media first instance: Zhao Yinzhou second instance: Zhang Yang Final instance: Peng Meijun