When heaven and earth are the same force!After the army’s major selection and adjustment, what major action will there be about retirement?

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When heaven and earth are the same force!Yes, we’re still talking about candidates today.Yesterday, we announced that you have been selected and are ready to report.The article only briefly listed a few cases, which is of course a very small part, but we can see that the successful selection, basically received the notice to report to the new unit.Here is a case in detail.Before the incident of being stuck, there was a younger brother who didn’t receive the notice, but he was very unhappy when he faced the leaders and colleagues of his unit and looked at him in a strange way every day. During the Spring Festival, he went home on vacation.Originally did not hold out hope, he went home on vacation, unexpectedly in these two days also very unexpectedly received the notice of employing units, let him report to the new unit on February 18.Be hit by this happy news dizzy little brother, when contacting with this unit human resources department, be told however, have not received notice.A telephone notice of unit of choose and employ persons to report for duty, a former unit manpower did not receive formal notice, eye is looking at the day after tomorrow 18, how to do?At the moment, go calculating former unit again why did not return notice, actually meaning is not big.Now, the most important thing is how to report to the new unit?Without notice, will this unit release people?First of all, all actions to follow the command, the old code felt that, first of all, must be able to report to see the notice, this is the minimum principle.Secondly, also want to be flexible, quickly pack up, to prepare the things ready, such as we say a variety of relationships, moving subsidies and so on, to the new unit method and way, also want to plan well in advance.I’m sure we’ll hear from you tomorrow at the latest.Of course, keep an eye on the machine. Where’s the notification?This is very important.Finally, in today’s traffic so developed, more than a dozen hours, the whole country, should be able to reach it.Today at the old pier, as we said, after the selection, the big action of the boat ticket should also come.Two sessions will be held soon, about the company’s new annual investment costs will also be mentioned.So, the next big thing, do you think it’s going to be tickets and pay?