A shares out of the independent market!Volatility uptrend officially begins!

2022-07-19 0 By

A shares out of the independent market, the scenery alone good!Today, the market slightly lower open, and then quickly pulled up, from this behavior, not affected by the overnight outside the stock market plunge, the rise and fall of the periphery, will only affect our opening.A-share market out of the independent market, when other markets risk, we become the best haven and investment place!For A long time, the A shares with the argument that does not rise, has been the focus of hot discussion.In fact, this view is one-sided, 2007, 2015 we still out of the bull market, and that year than the periphery rose even better!A shares established only 32 years, from the big cycle, the current walk is 2440 up the big wave, the biggest cycle has not gone again, and the periphery of the stock market has been the longest 400 years, the trend is very complete!The main force in the stock market is the dominant leader, when investing some stock or some industry, because capital is very big, only layout this, need longer time, through the means of capital big decrement disassemble, use the market all sorts of news to undertake lure much and lure empty, infiltrate capital slowly!After the completion of the main layout, become the stock, the industry, and even the whole market control, no matter how much bad news appears outside, the main force will not act rashly, not because of the bad will panic, cut meat to leave!The main force is the lion, the lion will be restless because of the wind and grass on the prairie?If the main force has become frightened birds, regardless of the size of the news panic, and ordinary investors have what difference, the scale can not be bigger!The influence of the European situation, today’s external plate adjustment range is larger, in fact, this negative factor in our market has been reflected in the early adjustment, it is very clear that the final interpretation of the outcome, that is peace!Now that you know the outcome, don’t worry about the process!From an investment perspective, all can see the news is on the market for main services, main can describe good as bad, also can put the bad as good, is the main body thrown out influence of ordinary investors, the main know most people no concentration, so pay special attention to the content of investments, with a message to influence everyone’s point of view, and then repeated balance!At present, Shanghai Double bottom back step has been basically completed, gem is also looking for a second low point, from the recent Yang big Yin small, Yang more Yin less, we can see the determination and confidence of the main strong layout.Today the market can hold in case of bad air, is a reflection of the main layout completed, the position of the main force dare not kill, dare not throw chips out, afraid of the risk of riding empty!We have been advocating the concept of long-term value investment, for the investment of individual stocks, we hope that we only pay attention to the point of purchase and selling points, only pay attention to the beginning and results, ignore the middle of the shock process, filter out the middle of the dynamic news, dynamic news can be changed at any time, and the static information such as the stock fundamentals will not change!Today, the bottom of the market is not falling, there is no news to affect it!What investors need to do is to choose a good industry, a good company and a good point of purchase from a long-term perspective, and to realize the value preservation and increase of wealth through confident long-term shareholding, time for space, and friends of time.