Carry out “big visits” to shops along the street and guard fire safety “fire lines”

2022-07-19 0 By

In order to give full play to the role of fire propaganda and education guidance, improve the area of the people’s awareness of fire safety and fire escape ability, in recent days, Qin County fire rescue brigade publicity staff along the street “spread” fire safety seeds, fire safety knowledge to all shops, set off a new round of publicity!”Under the shop on the house, before the shop after the house”, “goods accumulation channel”……These are the most common security problems in shops along the street.”Fire safety is often neglected by shopkeepers in order to use as much space as possible in their small shops.”Fire publicist said.Fire control propaganda and personnel during the activity, in order to “close to life, close to the people, the reality” as the principle, combining with the characteristics of the spring fire accident and around the store fire self-help and escape, early electrical fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue, and hidden self checking self-checking, taught the related tips, warning shopkeepers to enhance safety awareness, to fight the fire accidents.”In daily life, pay attention to three customs and three clearances…It’s all here!”Fire publicity personnel while issuing fire safety publicity materials said.Propaganda color pages to guide the masses to do a good job of fire prevention, fire escape self-help, early fire fighting, with fire and electricity safety as the starting point, will be close to life about fire prevention, fire fighting, escape, fire signs and other content, vivid performance.”Elder sister, you follow me to learn how to use a fire extinguisher is to lift, pull, hold, press…””Along the street shops large flow of people, these safety points we must pay attention to……”Publicity staff helped merchants to check fire safety hazards in stores, trained shop staff to be skilled in using fire extinguishers, and combined with typical cases, emphasized the problems of electric vehicles that could not be charged and parked at home, so as to enhance the emergency handling ability of shop staff along the street.Through the “household type” fire safety propaganda, deepen the shops along the street people’s understanding of fire safety, help them to familiar with and master the fire control facilities and fire fighting skills, the next step, qin county fire rescue team will continue to carry out fire control safety inspection, fight fire accident happened, for weaving of fire safety in shops along the street with a “fire net”.In recent years small shops fire accident have brought immeasurable losses to the society the street shops on fire control safety knowledge management to it is necessary to life Evacuation passageway to open in the fire power to standardize the fire control facilities in good condition for draft: qin county fire made up: Liang Yaping audits: JiYanYan “wind in the rain, changzhi fire forever protect you”