Gu Ailing is 18 years old. She is very skilled at eating with chopsticks, and wears very fashionable clothes in private

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Gu Ailing, a famous skier, recently posted a short vision on her social network.In the video, she shows off her usual training style, with various styles of clothes combined on her body to make her look like an 18-year-old girl.She also posted a video saying, “I have a great chance to win a gold medal in my first Winter Olympics.”Gu looked stylish in a black leather jacket and black hoodie, holding a designer bag and wearing a red flat cap.Gu Also ran to the runway to take a photo, the snow on the high slope and all in black she formed a sharp contrast, wearing two small pigtails she looked particularly cute.Her mother, dressed in a bright red dress and fashionable sunglasses, took her daughter’s arm in one hand and stood with Her haughty face.Gu also posted a photo of herself in a restaurant in the Olympic Village.She is wearing a red sweater, a cute tiger hat, holding a chopstick in her hand, and looks very skilled.On the table, there are meat dishes, vegetable dishes, dumplings, looking very rich, very nutritious.Gu has a good figure, but she also has a good figure because she has a lot of self-control. She wears a tight long sleeve, and the muscles in her lower abdomen are visible.When Gu appeared in the waiting area wearing a red dress, many volunteers and staff gathered around and wanted to take photos with her. Gu also enthusiastically took photos with them.Wearing a mask and her hair hanging over her shoulders in red, Gu posed for a photo with two staff members in blue and white uniforms, her head tilted like a little girl.