Kill the “King of Snipers” with a single bullet without firing a single shot in 4 days.

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War is cruel, but in the cruel war, often will create a lot of heroes, such as the Soviet Union snipe God Vasily, is a lot of military fans and fans of world War II idol.World War II action drama film “Soldiers at the Gates”, mainly about the battle of Stalingrad, the sharpshooter Vasily every shot in the story.Vasili is the real “snipe god”, it can lurk for 4 days without firing a gun, only with a bullet to kill the enemy “king of sniping”, so that all enemies are terrified.Vasily Famous Russian sniper, sniper school principal, during the Second World War killed 400 German troops, by its training out of the sniper, but also killed tens of thousands of enemy.It can be said that Vasili is the sniper in the “God”, but also a lot of people in the mind of the hero, its strong psychological quality and superb sniper technology, has created the myth of the sniper community.Vasily was born into an ordinary hunting family and learned hunting and marksmanship from his father at an early age, which gave him excellent long-range shooting skills and inherited his father’s keen insight and patience.After joining the army, Vasily first served as an orderly in the naval forces. When reading a newspaper, he saw the terrible battle of Stalingrad. Finally, he resolutely took up a rifle and volunteered to become a soldier in the battle of Stalingrad.Because of the experience of hunters in the past, vasili has more than sniper tactics, but also very good at hiding, in the invisible kill enemy, to the enemy psychological pressure and fear.From the very beginning, Vasily showed great ability, with only an ordinary rifle, successfully killed 32 German soldiers.The commander of Vasily’s unit, who spotted the man first, rewarded him with a Mohinnagan sniper rifle with a high-powered scope to better use his skills.At that time, the Mohinnagat sniper rifle was a very advanced existence. With the new weapons, Vasily became more and more fierce on the battlefield, killing 42 German soldiers in 10 days.Throughout the Great Patriotic War, Vasily killed as many as 400 German soldiers, including middle and senior German commanders. His heroic deeds were tracked by war reporters and made headlines in newspapers.At that time, in fact, Germany was the birthplace of snipers, with many very strong and excellent snipers.After Vasily became famous in the Soviet Union, the German headquarters strongly requested to send elite snipers to the front, and then Germany’s “king of snipers”, and Vasily launched a peak duel.German sniper Kosning, is the movie “Enemies at the Gates” in the prototype of Major Koenig, in fact, the king of the German sniper elite, in Germany has a nickname called “lonely death”.Compared to Vasily’s cooperative operation, Kosnin insisted on operating alone, although he had fewer comrades to help observe the opponent, but he was better able to hide himself in the battle.Kosnin was also born in a hunter family, with accurate marksmanship and super patience, the two sides in the duel process, once in a stalemate.Vassili and his side of the observation hand, carefully lurking for 4 days, to find the opportunity to kill Kosning, and even the reason it can kill Kosning, there is a certain element of luck.But vasily won anyway, eventually receiving recognition from the Soviet Union and the honorary title of national hero.