Less than half a day, this B station new score crazy decline!Now it has dropped below eight

2022-07-19 0 By

I was worried about reincarnating as a spider!This speech may go wrong, did I think only the third sentence began, this is I did not expect.And what surprised me most was that the score dropped from 9 points to 7 points in less than half a day from the third sentence update.As we all know, the rating system of this STATION B is different from the general rating system. The score can only be scored if there are more than three sentences (including the third sentence), and judging from the comments of each sentence, the third sentence is the main factor leading to great changes in the rating.From the third sentence alone, it looks pretty bad…Many people want to continue to follow this series, simply want to see the life and growth of the spider dubbing by Youmubi, and the first and second words are satisfied with them, even the third words about the spider escape part of nothing to make fun of.The biggest problem, however, is the human line in the third sentence.As classmates who are also reincarnated to another world, they can live a human life as in the original world, and the third sentence is about the plot of their practical classes as college students.The first half of the plot has a “Harry Potter” feel, with a group of people picking up wands in bags and practicing hitting targets with water magic.Some of the bullets are very funny, like when I was a kid and the neighborhood kids who urinated to shoot farther…The results did not expect the accident happened, the dragon suddenly appeared in front of them, and then, pretend to force male thinking that such boring magic class, now finally can let ye use a fire magic with their own good at, the results were seconds less than a minute.Then comes the most confusing part of the show, which is the main characters and dragon fight.There are too many slots. Take a few of them for example. First of all, those people, plus a juvenile earthworm, finally killed the enemy who suddenly jumped out of the ground, and the students who squatted behind the trees and bushes to watch the battle applauded?Clapping?No, your teacher gave his life trying to protect you, so are there any survivors who clap when they’re out of danger?I’m starting to cry. This is not a trick.And the whole play dragon lens and lines did not do smooth, the overall sense of pressure is very disobedient, front foot male master said not to let sister up, just turned to sister suddenly caught up, said what “since the brother wants to go up, that sister also want to go up” confused speech, can you please wake up a bit?Then two other reincarnated characters follow, and the rest of them continue to watch the play, and they don’t move, but they don’t want to run.In addition, the whole fight is poorly drawn. Apart from the details and single shots, it is mostly fragmentary and stilted. You don’t get a sense of what their disadvantage is in this fight.To be honest, these similar novice stage drama, a lot of people are tired of watching, what’s more, you also do so elaborate that it is better to beat them lumbricus that skip, turn back to the spider side, behind to switch the lens in the past, directly reveal the dead earthworm is the truth of the dragon blood, that don’t have to work so badly in the fighting,And it can make people not hate the human line, kill two birds with one stone.But then again, in fact, it is also quite helpless, the production of this animation is only a small company, the last homemade series was 19 years ago, now it is 2021, a new one, I can only say that I hope to do better in the future.If there is infringement please contact delete.